Faithful fans of “When Calls the Heart” have every reason to be singing “fa-la-la’s” and grinning from ear to ear this Christmas season. The leading lady, Erin Krakow, just had the premiere of her latest Hallmark Christmas delight, “Sense, Sensibility, and Snowmen” on November 30. She portrayed one of her most spirited characters yet as Ella, one half of a sister-run party-planning enterprise, opposite Kimberly Sustad as Marianne. Not to worry, Erin always finds a way to win over even the Grinchy-est of guys, and that includes Luke MacFarlane as Christmas-resistant toy company CEO, Edward.

Christmas is only 17 short days away, and that means “When Calls the Heart” faithful are probably counting minutes until the Christmas Day celebration from Hope Valley in the annual movie feature tradition. Even the title, “When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas” feels like a cup of hot cocoa with a blanket. The themes of the story for 2019 (as reported in Deadline on December 7) reflect family on many fronts. In real life, Andrea Brooks, who portrays the newly in love nurse, Faith Carter, on the drama, welcomed her first child, a beautiful baby daughter, days ago, and christened her with a very meaningful name.

Lastly, as Erin Krakow shared on social media on December 8, one of the dearest reasons for the season is spending time with dear ones, connected by blood or by heart.

She and her “When Calls the Heart” castmates had a marvelous time in fancy dress and big glasses to wrap Season 7 in a Christmas bow of cheer.

Festive but still longing

Krakow portrays the resilience and fortified spirit in her character of Elizabeth Thornton as authentically as ever in this Christmas installment. The working mother and dedicated teacher want her son's first Christmas to be joyful as ever, even if the lad himself won't remember the exact festivities.

At the same time, she is wistful for what could have been, wishing her late husband could celebrate with their son.

Constable Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) is presented with another dilemma. He is offered a prestigious job in neighboring Union City but is torn about leaving Elizabeth, and moving his niece, Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller) away from the stability and sound environment of Hope Valley.

In a show of his love and support for his newfound community, Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) throws an all-out German-themed festival in his newfound home. The result is a hit, but fans will have to wait to see if the salon owner is a hit with Elizabeth.

Faith Carter and Dr. Carson Shepherd have a hard time connecting in person, passing one another in their efforts to spend Christmas together. They still find kindness from those around them, and Andrea Brooks cares about family traditions as a mother, too.

In a post with her newborn daughter, Viola, the star writes: “and then there was you. “ The name belonged to Brooks’ great-grandmother, and she still has a locket inscribed with the name that she can pass down to her firstborn—such a lovely Christmas keepsake.

Party time

There are always odds and ends, and usually, voice overdubbing, needed to complete a television season, but December 8 was wrap party day for “When Calls the Heart.” Erin Krakow looked super-fabulous more than studious in big purple glasses beside co-stars, Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith, who portray the favorite steadfast couple, Rosemary and Lee Coulter. Family is sure to be on their horizon as well, in one form or another. The pair is determined to choose the perfect present for baby Jack during the Christmas story.

The pair looked like they were soaking up the holiday spirit and having the same grand time as Krakow, who also posted pictures with more of her younger castmates. Erin pined that she already missed “these silly sweethearts,” referring to her on-screen students.

Even stars on a hit drama get caught up in the last minute holiday rush of things to do, but everyone on “When Calls Will Heart” seems to share a family connection, and there's always time for fun.