Spoiler alerts and rumors for "The Young and the Restless" have not yet provided how Adam's reign of terror will end. Viewers desire to see justice served, but Soap Dirt suggests that things could go in another direction. When this farce is all over, that Victor could reward his youngest son with the Newman CEO position. Until that time, there is a growing number of Genoa City residents who like the fans, want to see the prodigal behind bars. Victoria, Billy, Victor, and Nikki were discussing their plan on Tuesday and on Wednesday Vicki and her mom talk with Abby about what is going on.

Although Nick has not been seen conferring with his loved ones, it's a sure bet he is in on the plot. Earlier this week, Lauren and Michael discussed taking the man down and, now, Soaps She Knows says Kevin and Chloe will be saying the same.

Kevin and Chloe plot against Adam

"Y&R" rumors, from Soaps She Knows, say that Kevin and Chloe will soon discuss how they believe that Adam is framing his sister. The Fishers will decide they want to help clear Victoria's name. They don't know that Victor is alive or that he is plotting, with his family, to make Adam pay. The couple is also unaware that Michael and Lauren are on top of this situation and planning their own brand of justice. Should Victor forgive his son and make him CEO, this would create a lot of animosity throughout Genoa City.

The rumor mill does not indicate exactly what plan Kevin and Chloe will carry out but they seem very protective lately of Billy and Victoria and certain to do something. The common denominator that brings them all together, sadly, is their loathing for Adam. The Fishers are known to fight dirty and they hold much against the prodigal son.

Whatever they come up with will probably keep "Y&R" viewers glued to their seats.

All of Genoa City believes Adam set up Victoria

The Newman family, Michael, and Lauren know that Adam set up his sister to take the fall for murder. Paul and Rey suspect this but do not yet have evidence to prove it. Now the Fishers are believing the same so there is no one who thinks Adam is innocent, except Sharon.

"The Young and the Restless" will probably keep this storyline going for a while but eventually the truth will be revealed.

It would be a shame if Victor did decide to go through faking his own demise in order to expose his son, only to let it all go. It would not be surprising. however to viewers because he has done such things in the past. be sure to tune to "The Young and the Restless" every weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS to keep up with all the Genoa City action. Make sure you stay on the lookout for spoiler alerts and rumors that give a heads up on upcoming episodes and reveal storylines in advance.