Quinn Fuller and Sally Spectra have been on the back burner on "The Bold and the Beautiful" this summer. Both women have been on the outside looking in on the baby switch debacle. Wyatt, however, is in the middle of all the drama as he was dating Flo who was hiding this big secret. Last week Liam's brother apologized to Sally by telling her that the information she was withholding, was nowhere on the scale of what Flo was sitting on. Soap Opera Spy indicates that this week, Ms. Spectra will overhear her former lover defending her to his mother.

This gives her hope for the future, but Quinn is not going to give up so easily and suggests her son talk to Ms. Fuller to get her side of the story.

Quinn supports Flo, puts Sally down

Soap Opera Spy says that Wyatt will tell his mother that what Flo did hurt his brother and Hope deeply and it is something he cannot forgive. Still, Quinn will defend Ms. Fulton and insist her son talk to her. Wyatt will ask his mother what she has against Sally and as he is defending the pretty redhead, he has no idea she is listening. Ms. Spectra will see this as indicating that perhaps she and Bill Spencer's son still have a future. It was only last week, however. that "B&B" rumors indicated that Liam's brother still loved Flo and was softening towards her.

Quinn has proven in the past that she holds grudges, and for whatever reason, she believes Sally is not the right woman for her son. Amid the pain and anguish over Phoebe being Beth, Ms. Fuller will have her won agenda which is to keep her only child away from Sally Spectra. It sounds like "The Bold and the Beautiful" is bringing back some traces of the old Quinn which is not what the Forresters and Logans need at this time.

Even if she can convince her son to give Flo another chance, there will be problems.

Quinn's and Wyatt may differ regarding Sally and Flo

It will be difficult for Wyatt or his mom to show any public compassion to Ms. Fulton considering the damage she has done to the Logan, Spencer, and Forrester families. For once Ridge and Dollar Bill are on the same page and both want Flo prosecuted for assisting Dr.

Buckingham in the baby switch. Quinn is living in the Forrester mansion and her husband is Steffy's grandfather. Eric will not look kindly on the woman who caused so much pain in his family. "B&B" rumors from Soap Dirt say the Forrester and Logan families will be divided regarding Thomas.

This could be a point of contention for Wyatt and Sally as she may have some compassion for her ex being hospitalized. He may feel Thomas got exactly what he deserved after what happened to Hope and Liam and especially Emma. Tensions are high right now on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Quinn will no doubt use that to her advantage, She will probably make it her mission to keep Sally away from her son and also attempt to find a way to help Flo get back in Wyatt's good graces.