During Tuesday’s episode of ”The Bold and the Beautiful “ Detective Sanchez showed up at Ridge and Brooke’s home. He came to investigate the role Thomas played in the baby switch and Emma's death. Hope was taking steps to have Justin annul her marriage and dissolve the adoption as if it never took place. Steffy was nowhere to be seen, but everything that took place affected her life. Phoebe is still in her heart, even though the child was never truly hers. Liam is now with Hope and Beth, and her brother may be charged with murder. By the end of the week, there could be more tragedy and Steffy's world will continue to crumble.

The baby swap will haunt Steffy

"B&B" rumors from Soaps She Knows say that Thomas will corner Hope at the cliff house at the end of the week. Brooke will rush to save her daughter and a tragedy will unfold. Earlier rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest that Steffy's brother may go over the cliff, which will add one more traumatic situation related to the baby switch. Steffy has lost her daughter and Liam and now she may lose her brother as well. If Thomas survives his tumble off the cliff, or Detective Sanchez arrests him first, he will be charged with Emma's murder.

Xander has video footage that shows Thomas leaving in his vehicle right after Emma went to tell Hope about Beth. His car GPS puts him at the scene of the accident at the time that Ms.

Barber crashed. "Y&R" rumors indicate that Ridge will try to steer Alex Sanchez away from his son, by evading questions, but Brooke is angry and will tell the police detective everything she knows. This will cause problems in the "Bridge" marriage and give Steffy one more thing to be troubled about. It looks like the baby swap will haunt Ms.

Forrester for a long time.

'B&B' finally bringing closure to Beth/Phoebe saga

Soap Dirt indicates that "The Bold and the Beautiful" has given Jacqueline Woods, who portrays Steffy some Emmy worthy material, but the best may be yet to come. Dealing with the shock of her sibling's betrayal and his possible death may be a little more than she can handle.

Seeing the child she was raising for the first time as Beth may also cause emotional trauma. Little Douglas without either parent will be difficult for all the Logans, Spencers and Forresters.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" viewers are grateful that this storyline is finally heading towards closure, but it's not over yet. Rumors have not indicated the final outcome of Xander and Zoe who have been fired, and Flo who will be arrested. Thomas will be apprehended, hurt or killed by the end of the week so a lot of drama is coming up. Steffy is strong and will be alright in time but for now, she has a lot on her plate, and at some point, her ditzy mother Taylor will show up and bring more aggravation.