Another day, another Joker for Batman? Actor Joaquin Phoenix is the next in line to portray one of the most popular comic book villains. In terms of real-life Movies, Phoenix is going to join a number of actors to put that evil grin on his face. While some fans may be displeased with the announcement of a new actor taking over from the previous choice, Phoenix believes that "The Joker" will give them a different experience than before.

Phoenix speaks about the new project

According to the Comic Book website, Phoenix sounds rather excited about what's in store for "The Joker" movie.

He'll eventually don the classic face paint and colorful hair while adopting the mannerisms that make this villain so creepy. Joaquin Phoenix was quoted as saying this film doesn't necessarily fit a genre, and that the character study it involves will make it stand out.

"...there are these incredible characters that are dealing with real-life struggles. And sometimes that is uncovered and exposed, and sometimes it isn’t, and so I always felt, like, there were characters in comics that were really interesting and deserve the opportunity to be kind of studied."

Phoenix also mentioned that director Todd Phillips, best known for directing the "Hangover" films, is very passionate about the project and delving into that origin story.

With that in mind, one has to hope that the script will be on par with what fans want to see from a standalone "Joker" movie. Phoenix can certainly make it work, but will the rest of the team?

Previous Joker stars on screen

Since the 1960s, the Joker character has been portrayed on television and in the movies. Back then, Cesar Romero took on the classic role in the live-action shows and a full-length film.

They were nowhere near the standards of today's Hollywood treatment, but for the time, provided a humorous and fun look at Batman, Robin, and the villains, including the head honcho.

Fast forward to the major big screen release with Tim Burton's "Batman" in the late 1980s. While Michael Keaton portrayed the Caped Crusader, it was Hollywood's Jack Nicholson giving impressive zest to the role of the Joker.

It was a performance that stuck with fans for some time. Unfortunately, there were no further appearances by Nicholson's version of the villain in the next installments in that series.

In 2008, a masterpiece in the comic book movie world came to the screen. It was "The Dark Knight," starring an ensemble cast. Christian Bale was the crime-fighting hero. However, it was the now late Heath Ledger who gave the performance that had everyone buzzing. Ledger would go on to win the Academy Award, posthumously. It made him one of the first to win such an award for a superhero film.

DC decided to do some more reboots of their universe and reintroduced characters. They brought in Ben Affleck as the new Batman, and Jared Leto took on the role of the Joker.

Leto appeared in "Suicide Squad," which had mixed reactions. Fans wanted to see more of what Leto had to bring to the table. Rumors surfaced of a "Suicide Squad" sequel, which could allow that to happen, but why have two Jokers running around?

Phoenix can give role unique feel

To discount Joaquin Phoenix as a great choice would be wrong at this point, ahead of any footage or seeing a finished film. Phoenix has been nominated for many awards due to his acting. Fans may remember his impressive performance in "Walk the Line" as Johnny Cash, which netted him the Oscar for Best Actor, or even his villainous character in "Gladiator." More recently, he was nominated for his portrayal of Freddie Quell in "The Master." Those previous roles lend plenty of credibility to his abilities to take on the iconic Joker role and deliver.

However, the constant switching of actors can also wear thin with moviegoers and fans of the comics. One could argue that Marvel's movie success, with their large number of hit films, comes due to continuity and having the same actors on board for the projects. Giving Phoenix a solo movie may be the best move in this case, as the character gets a proper introduction. If the performance stands out, fans won't mind the change.