Sylvester Stallone, 71, checked into a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday, January 2, to undergo undisclosed testing ordered by his family physician. Sources close to the "Rocky" star tells Radar Online that Stallone was only undergoing routine tests, something he does on a regular basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Is there a little more to it?

Psychic predicts health issues for Stallone in 2018

Upon hearing of Stallone's visit to the L.A. medical center, many first believed the star may have been suffering from a stress-related illness brought on by the recent rape allegations filed by a woman in November stating that she was raped by Stallone in 1990.

Sylvester Stallone has remained firm in denying the woman's accusations, telling RO firmly that he was stating it "never happened."

Are rape allegations causing Stallone undue stress?

Stallone does admit that the accusor did, however, visit with him on a film set in Isreal in 1987. She claims Stallone raped her three times in 1990 at his office in Santa Monica. Stallone reveals that he and his family are very upset and devastated by these accusations. Coincidentally enough, Stallone's recent trip to the hospital for testing follows a previous report of 2018 celebrity predictions made by celebrity psychic Nikki, which forewarned that she felt Slyvestor Stallone needed to take added health precautions in the New Year.

Stallone also recently shared on social media over the holidays that it was time for him to get back into action movie shape. So it appears that this testing could be taken just about any way people want to perceive it. However, many believe it is just his way of letting fans know that he is getting ready to begin filming the highly anticipated sequel to "Creed."

Sly confirmed over the summer that "Creed 2" was a go.

He even suggested that "Rocky" fans may even get a chance to see actor Dolph Lundgren's Soviet boxer, Ivan Drago, return in the sequel. Dedicated fans have since expressed their desire to see Rocky and Drago go head-to-head, either in a boxing match of their own or with a battle of wits as each is coaching their young boxing protegee.

One thing holds true, though, decades later fans can not get enough of rooting for Rocky Balboa.

As for Stallones' medical testing and 2018 predictions...Either way, we are all just hoping that 2018 turns out well for Sly and his family in all aspects of his health, career, and with the allegations, he and his family are currently facing. I look forward to seeing Sylvester Stallone on the big screen again very soon.