When it comes to the Spencer men on "The Bold and the Beautiful," the apples did not fall far from the tree. Both Lia and Wyatt are chips off the old block they are referred to as dad. All three men have problems remaining faithful to the women they say they love. The trio also has a history of swapping lovers between themselves and other men in LA. There does not seem to be an end in sight for the love triangles and messed up lives that are a result of the pattern of indecision, bad choices and total disregard these three seem unable to break.

Currently, Shauna, Flo, Hope, Steffy, and Sally are the victims of Dollar Bill and his sons.

Dollar Bill Spencer set the pace for sons on 'B&B'

Dollar Bill has set an immoral precedent on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for his offspring to follow. He spent decades going back and forth between the Logan sisters, and it was recently revealed that both he and Storm Logan had slept with Shauna. The head of Spencer Publications and Ridge Forrester have both been married to Katie as well as Brooke. Last year Bill slept with Steffy who was married to Liam and had also had a relationship with Wyatt. Both of his sons have been in love triangles involving Hope and now Sally who once kissed Liam just moved out of Wyatt's home.

The Spencer siblings also both dated Ivy, who eventually left town to get away from the drama.

There seem to be no boundaries on "B&B" where the Spencer men are concerned and they ping-pong between the same women over and over. Liam was married to Steffy and left her for Hope, only to reunite with Ms. Forrester. He is now married to Hope, who thinks he should be with Steffy and her girls.

Wyatt was recently outraged that Sally did not tell him that Thomas is trying to take Hope away from his brother. He was so brutal that she moved out and within 24 hours he was kissing Flo, saying he wanted to rekindle the flame they once had.

Hearts will break on 'B&B'

The truth that Phoebe is really Beth will come out eventually and change the dynamic for everyone on "B&B." Liam will once again be trying to figure out if he should stay with Hope or go back to Steffy, as Thomas is trying his best to convince Hope to be with him and Douglas.

Wyatt will drop Flo quicker than he turned on Sally when he finds out she kept his brother's child from him. Katie refused Bill's marriage proposal yet wants Shauna to make a play for him to find out if he will cheat. She may lose him to her daughter's cousin's mother if she continues this dangerous game.

Will Bill give in to Shauna or reunite with Katie? Can Brooke and Ridge stay together being divided over the behavior of Thomas? WIll Sally, and Flo remain in LA when all the issues come to light? which woman will Liam and Wyatt end up with? Continue enjoying the antics of the Spencer men on "The Bold and the Beautiful" each weekday afternoon on CBS at 1:30 PM. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update when the cast of characters will once again change partners like musical chairs.