When Dante left Lulu, the first time on "General Hospital," spoilers teased and viewers believed that Mrs. Falconeri might find comfort in the arms of her husband's partner, Harrison Chase. Instead, the detective has been paired with Willow Tate, who initially seemed as if she were going to fall of Michael Corinthos. A shifting is coming to the romance department and Maxie is going to help her friend move on. The revelation of the baby switch is coming and this may cause some changes in emotions. It's possible that Chase and Lulu, along with Michael and Willow may find love.

It will be no surprise, however, to the fans who saw it coming months ago.

Michael, Willow, Chase triangle

Ms. Tate and Michael started off connected by their both being grieving parents, They continue to remain in each other's orbit but she is dating Chase. As the baby switch storyline comes to its conclusion the bond between Willow and Michael may deepen. Once it is confirmed that Wiley is Noah, the child will more than likely be reunited with his birth father, The school teacher may be allowed into the little boy's life and in time she could end up his stepmother. "General Hospital" cannot continue this triangle with both men protecting the school teacher so something has to give.

Chase and Willow seem forced and not very believable as a couple while the school teacher and Michael have chemistry.

It is also interesting that Chase willingly allows Carly's son to step in, taking Ms. Tate home, offering to assist her in finding other employment and simply hanging around her, Michael has been hooking up with Sasha, but "GH" viewers know this relationship will go nowhere because Ms. Gilmore is about to be exposed as a fraud and will probably leave Port Charles. Soap Hubs recent lists of comings and goings don't list Sasha but when the truth is revealed she will have no reason to stick around.

Chase may fall for Lulu

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Maxie will enlist Peter in a plan to help Lulu deal with being separated from Dante. The spoiler says, however, that things will take an unexpected turn. CDL points out that Chase and Mrs. Falconeri had a brief encounter after the Nurses Ball that had no point in the "GH" storyline.

The spoiler suggests they were placed together to imply a future connection. Once. the baby switch is revealed, should Willow turns to Michael it's possible Chase and Lulu may develop feelings for one another.

Viewers thought the detective would have immediately been looking out for his partner's family as soon as Dante Genoa City. Instead, Chase's time has been split between Willow and the Ryan Chamberlain case, and he has not given Lulu a second glance. If spoilers are correct, all this may be about to change Be sure to stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.