There is no denying that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are one of the most beautiful couples in the South Korean entertainment industry. Meanwhile, things are not looking good for their relationship. According to EconoTimes, Chinese media recently reported that the pair are going through a divorce. But the outlet thinks that's not actual fact. Also, the management company of the couple denies divorce reports. However, the two refuse to share anything about their marriage. The divorce rumors became strong when Kyo started deleting many images of Ki.

However, wedding photos and behind-the-scenes photos of Ki still remain on her Instagram.

No wedding ring

IBT reports that another reason that fuelled the divorce reports is due to the actress not wear a wedding ring during her trip to Singapore. Meanwhile, the pair recently interacted with the media and fans. The actor looked quite cheerful and comfortable when fans warmly welcomed him at the airport. But, for those who are observant, the Song-Song couple is still not wearing wedding rings when interacting with media. There is an explanation that with Korean artists, it is quite normal for a couple to not wear wedding rings. However, in the eyes of the Chinese netizen, this super-famous couple is making them suspicious and questions arise about their current relationship with these small acts.

Meanwhile, on a personal Instagram page, Kyo posted a happy picture with makeup artist Yusuke Saeki. Song Joong Ki has just finished filming in Brunei and returned to Korea. The actor receives great attention from Chinese and Korean fans.

The actress is working

On March 6, Song Hye Kyo shared a series of pictures of a Japanese man with a caption, "Working with Yusuke." In these pictures, Song Hye Kyo continues to draw attention to "forgetting" the wedding ring.

The person is a makeup artist, director of the company Eight Peace Management, which is a leading expert in fashion and advertising in Japan. Song Hye Kyo is working with him on the new magazine project. It looks like that amid divorce reports, instead of sitting sadly and thinking a lot about public opinion, Kyo is focusing on her work.

The actress recently said she has just completed her role in "Encounter" with Park Bo Gum. In the near future, the actress will take a break from acting. Song Hye Kyo confirmed that from now until the end of the year, she will not accept any more film projects. To those who don't know, the couple got married in October 2017.