'Big Bang' rapper T.O.P admitted to using marijuana and seeks a 2-year probation period in lieu of a Prison Term.

During the hearing at a district court in Seoul on Thursday, T.O.P, or Choi Seung Hyun, said the incidents of drug use happened during the worst week of his life and pleaded for leniency. While previously denying the allegations of substance abuse, T.O.P confessed to all four counts of use of the illegal drug, which he said was offered to him by an ex-girlfriend. "I have made a mistake that I cannot undo," "I am sincerely embarrassed and I promise it will never happen again," he said.

The 29-year-old singer and actor had just started in a 2-year mandatory military service when the Seoul police initiated investigations on him for alleged drug use. T.O.P entered the military on February 9 and was assigned on March 6 to the Gangnam Police Station. Police publicized the investigation on the Korean superstar on June 1.

Ex-girlfriend lured him into drugs

Reports have it that an aspiring K-pop artist, Han Seo Hee, was initially investigated for her alleged drug use. The probe led police to link T.O.P to her. When confronted and tested by police, the singer dismissed allegations that he used marijuana on several occasion in October 2016, however, T.O.P admitted it clearly during the court hearing.

His lawyer said Han, 21, and his client have since broken up. T.O.P has also since stopped smoking pot.

Expelled from the military

Soon after the controversy was publicized, the Korean celebrity was rushed to the hospital reportedly due to a drug overdose. He was found unconscious in his police barracks. With his indictment, he was also expelled from the Korean military police for being "unfit" to fulfill his duties.

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In a statement, the Korean military police said a dismissed soldier cannot return to his assigned division unless warranted by extraordinary circumstances. The songwriter-producer is required to re-enlist before he reaches 35.

Uncertain future activities

T.O.P.’s future plans are still uncertain in light of the ongoing criminal prosecution.

The other 'Big Bang' members, namely G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri continue to be active. G-Dragon has embarked on a solo world tour, 'Act III, M.O.T.T.E.' which kicked off in Seoul last June 10.

Even though he was promoted as a member of the 'Big Bang', T.O.P had a flourishing solo career, appearing in television dramas and even Top-billed in several movies. He was the lead in the 2017 film, 'Out of Control', a German-Chinese action thriller where he played the Interpol agent, Tom Young.