After two humorous and drama-filled episodes with love triangles, road trips, slugs, and a unicorn, “Legacies” unveiled a shocking twist in Landon's story. The season as a whole has remained fairly lighthearted with plenty of humorous moments, supernatural teenage struggles, and relationship drama. As with its two predecessors, "Legacies" knows how to hit upon the emotional heartbreak with Jo returning from the dead to meet her twins for the first time, Rafael found closure with the death of his girlfriend, and Landon's mom choosing to return to Malivore.

So it comes as no surprise the series took a heartbreaking route with Thursday's episode which saw a distressed and angry MG attack Landon. What did come as a surprise was "Legacies" answering a major question about Landon while also opening up a bunch more questions. Alaric, Hope, MG, Kaleb, and Rafael discovered Landon has phoenix-like abilities when his body burst into flames and he broke free of an ash shell completely alive again. As it was with “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” Landon's origins will most likely take a twist as things lead up to the season finale. While Landon pokes into the truth of his origins and the aftermath of MG's attack weighs upon the group, "Legacies" has found time for some old-fashioned Mystic Falls traditions.

Miss Mystic Falls at the Salvatore School

Thursday's episode will feature a long-standing tradition in Mystic Falls: the Miss Mystic Falls beauty pageant. Miss Mystics will cause Josie and Lizzie to be at odds over their different ideas for the pageant with Josie secretly wanting to win and everything coming second to Lizzie's plans.

The pageant will be hosted at the Salvatore School which fans have received a glimpse of via photos released by the CW.

The photos tease Josie descending the stairs with Penelope (Lulu Antariksa) on her arm and a dressed up Hope who appears to be worried. The photos give a peek at Hope's dress which has caught some attention among fans that immediately recognized it as the gown Hope's father Klaus (Joseph Morgan) gave to Caroline (Candice King) way back in season 3 of "The Vampire Diaries." It's currently unknown how Hope gets this dress and has caused quite the stir among fans with several comparing the two dresses in side by side photos.

The episode is entitled “Let's Just Finish This Dance” and will air March 14.

According to the press release, the episode will focus on Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) as she deals with the trauma of Landon's death which the promo shows Hope as she struggles to keep control of her magic and seemingly causing her to push away Landon. The episode has another struggle for Hope with the arrival of her ex, Roman (Jedidiah Goodacre), who was last seen in “The Originals” season 5 where he betrayed Hope by helping his mother kidnap Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), an action which resulted in Hayley's death. His arrival will also have Landon on alert. The episode will also pick up with MG's struggles following his attack on Landon when he lost control.

Landon looks into his origins

Last Thursday's episode was a big one for both Landon and MG with their friendship left in an unknown place as Landon pushed MG to confront his father and MG, in turn, killed Landon. The two will have a lot to work through if they are to stay friends which in "The Vampire Diaries" world isn't out of the question. Quincy Fouse shares with TV Line the bittersweet moment between MG and Kaleb (Chris Lee) in the car has changed a lot for MG going forward. As MG deals with taking Landon's life and fearing the hatred from the other Salvatore students when they find out what happened. Kaleb gave a heartwarming speech about being his new family. The actor continues to explain how this moment is the start of MG choosing for himself who his family is and seeing people who choose him as family in return.

Thursday's episode may also see Hope's actions not sitting well with Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) as the press release for the following episode reveals the pair are on the outs to the point where Hope asks Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) for help fixing the relationship. The episode is also going to explore a few secrets with Landon looking into his unusual origins and Josie (Kaylee Bryant) investigating the secrets Alaric (Matt Davis) has been keeping. The episode “I'll Tell You A Story" airs March 21.

The season finale “There's Always a Loophole” airs March 28. An attack on the school will find Hope taking charge to keep everyone safe while Josie ends up in a dangerous situation and MG (Quincy Fouse) discovers a secret regarding his mother.

The last secret MG uncovered about his parents led to the events in last Thursday's episode. His mother had a deal with Alaric to keep MG at the Salvatore school as a way to his father in the dark about his vampire status and even the fact that he's alive. At least a few more answers are on the way about Landon in the last few episodes. EP Julie Plec teases to TV Line Landon will come to face to face-ish with his father. The series was already renewed for a season 2 which will make fans happy as the season will most likely end with a cliffhanger.