Tina DeCara’s new songSolo” comes on the heels of her smash hit, “Illusion.” The song celebrates time spent alone and being content with yourself. It is being distributed through Big Management and is available now on Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify. Moreover, its video—which was filmed on Coney Island—is on YouTube.

Tina was raised on Long Island and recorded “Solo” in a Queens studio. A singer and songwriter since high school, she is inspired by artists such as Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, and David Bowie. She discussed her Music career and “Solo” via an exclusive interview on February 22, 2019.

Music, songs, and inspirations

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get into music and what was your big break into the industry?

Tina DeCara (TD): Music spoke to me as a child. I first fell in love with jazz. I was always into music, but I think I started to take it more seriously when a record label signed me at age 15. One of my big breaks in the industry was when I was one of the lead characters on the Fuse Network on a show called "Saturday Morning Fever."

MM: So, Tina, how would you define your unique sound?

TD: I would define my sound as a mix of pop-influenced with a lot of souls.

MM: What inspired your previous song, “Illusion,” and were you surprised by its success?

TD: “Illusion” was actually written by my friend, Greg Scalera.

The song is about putting myself in a relationship that was too good to be true. I love all the vocal harmonies in the song. I wasn't surprised by the success because everything just aligned naturally on “Illusion” and Trap nation really supported the record. They were a big part of the success!

MM: How much is “Solo” inspired by real events and what aspects of being alone do you think should be viewed most positively?

TD: “Solo” is inspired by true events, for sure. I wrote this song in a place where loneliness was the only option, and I realized that that is okay. When you are alone, you can find yourself and focus on how to make you better.

MM: What about “Solo” stands out the most to you?

TD: I wrote the song on a whim; it was so real and natural.

The song came out as a poem at first. 'I walk and talk with a smile, sometimes it's real," and that can be so painful: to walk and fake your actions. I have done that for so long, and I realized how much happier I am when I speak my truth. This means a lot to me because I'm not faking my happiness.

Concerts, experiences, and fans

MM: What are your concerts typically like and have you any upcoming show dates?

TD: My concerts include me dancing and having fun on stage. I love to add an acoustic side to my show alongside some electric guitar! My buddy Vishno creates the show with me, and we have a dope time. I'll be performing May 2nd at Bowery Electric in NYC. Come and see me!

MM: What are the best experiences that your life as a musical artist has afforded you?

TD: Writing lyrics with new artists, diving deep into what I have to say, and finding out what is true to me throughout this musical journey have all been so incredible.

MM: What would you like fans to know about Tina DeCara?

TD: That I am making more music!