Jenelle Evans doesn't think it is any big deal that her mother, Barbara Evans, encouraged her and her "Teen Mom 2" co-star, Brittany Cartwright, to "go kill Kail" on Instagram live over the weekend. In fact, she believes her online audience should "chill out" and stop making a big deal about the shocking comment.

According to a report from In Touch Weekly magazine, Jenelle reacted to her mother's comment publicly after receiving a call from her "Teen Mom 2" producer, who had likely contacted her after hearing that Kailyn Lowry was refusing to return to filming with anyone who was associating with the Evans family.

“My producer just called us about this,” Jenelle revealed. “My mom is just chillin’ like, guys — chill out. Seriously," she added. "You guys have nothing to be spazzing about at all," Jenelle continued. She then said that she and her mother are not planning to actually hurt anyone. "We’re not gonna harm anyone. I promise you,” she vowed.

Barbara Evans issues an apology for telling Jenelle to 'kill Kail'

Barbara Evans also offered an apology for the statement she made about Kailyn Lowry. “I said that I wanted to kill [Kailyn] and everybody took it out of perspective," Barbara alleged, adding that her mean comment was nothing more than a failed attempt at "doing a joke."

Jenelle then ranted against her critics and haters, telling them her mom made a "stupid f**king joke" that should not be taken seriously by Kailyn or anyone else.

"Chill the f**k out," she demanded. According to Jenelle, her mother hasn't been on social media for a very long time. So, she simply didn't understand how the comment she made would be such major news. She then encouraged her fans and followers to give her mother the "benefit of the doubt."

Barbara Evans says her comment was 'only a joke'

In her own statement, Barbara told her online audience that her message to Kailyn was nothing more than sarcasm and slammed those who have freaked out about what she said.

As she explained, she's known Kailyn for 10 years and doesn't actually want to kill her. She even said things were "cool" and claimed she's always gotten along just fine with Kailyn. "It was only a joke,” she insisted.

Kailyn Lowry is done

After Barbara Evans' comment, Kailyn Lowry made it clear that she would not associate with MTV if they continued to work with the Evans family. “I want no association with any person or network that works with that family,” she told In Touch over the weekend.

"Teen Mom 2" season nine airs this and every Monday night at 9 PM on MTV.