Black Panther” is returning to theaters in the US next month, and it can be watched for free. Marvel Studios released the film in cinemas in 2018, where it was hailed by critics and fans as the first superhero film with a significant African-American production presence in the majority of the cast, and director.

It was celebrated by African-Americans and by Africa itself during its box office run which earned $1.347 billion in total worldwide. Following its strong presence at the 2019 awards season, with multiple nominations and even some awards won, “Black Panther” has been an important part of this year’s Black History Month celebration.

‘Black Panther’ has free screenings on selected AMC theaters

According to CNN, Disney and its Marvel Studios arm will be teaming up with AMC theaters to screen “Black Panther” twice a day for the first seven days of February, Black History Month. Around 250 AMC cinemas will be participating in this free screening of the highly-received superhero film. The news was broken by Walt Disney Company chairman and CEO Bob Iger on social media.

Marvel’s “Black Panther” received several nominations in the recently held 76th Golden Globes, 91st Academy Awards, and the recent 25th Screen Actors Guild Awards, all in succession.

It is the first superhero film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and won both Outstanding Cast and Stunt Ensemble at the SAG this Sunday.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige tells The New York Times that the importance of “Black Panther” and its Academy Award Best Picture nomination is that it proved their studio’s vision of doing different genres for each of their film properties.

“The importance of telling the kinds of stories that haven’t been told before,” he says in interview with The Times.

Black History Month celebrated by Disney and Marvel Studios

In addition to the free “Black Panther” screenings during Black History Month from February 1 to 7, Disney and Marvel will also be giving a grant worth $1.5 million to the United Negro College Fund, an organization that funds academic college scholarships for African Americans since 1944.

Bob Iger said in a statement made available to CNN, "’Black Panther’ is groundbreaking for many reasons, including the rich diversity of voices behind its success." He pointed out the film’s theme of how knowledge can be made into a power to better the world, and that it is best if everyone can have access to that knowledge. Marvel Studios is already working on a sequel, with director Ryan Coogler and lead star Chadwick Boseman set to return.