Faithful “When Calls the Heart” fans have had hearts around Christmas day on their calendars for weeks now. Of course, one reason is counting down the days of waiting to open the packages under the tree with the kids and see what special surprise Santa might leave behind. Most families realize that the gift of family and being together is the most precious treasure of the season, and many families watch the “When Calls the Heart” Christmas movie as a family tradition to celebrate the close of the sacred day. Community, faith, and friendship are central themes in the Hallmark Channel’s drama set in the 1900s Northwest Territory and leading ladies, Erin Krakow and Lori Loughlin take every opportunity to connect as friends after shooting on their series wrap up.

Anyone who takes a look at Erin Krakow’s Twitter share for December 5 won't be seeing double—just two lovely co-stars dressing alike for a cause and having lots of fun.

Sweatshirts and sparkle

The customary Christmas season of constant Hallmark Channel Movies has been in full swing this season since October 26, and new premieres are rolling out every weekend. Erin Krakow and Lori Loughlin are always perfect in their historic period dresses on “When Calls the Heart,” thanks to the meticulous costume designers involved with the drama. Season 6 was finished for the cast several weeks back, so after coping with those restrictive, straight-back corsets for so long, it's no wonder that these ladies chose casual wear for a festive night.

Many longtime Hallmark Channel fans have a wardrobe collection of Christmas movie-watching sweatshirts that couldn't be cozier for curling up on the couch for a favorite flick. For their stroll along the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries red carpet for “Miracles of Christmas,” the talented actresses played twins with tops, wearing the same gray sweatshirts with white and red lettering proclaiming, “This is my Hallmark movie watching sweatshirt.”

As Erin Krakow credits in her post, the sweatshirts are from The Shop Forward, who donate a portion of each sale to “various important causes.” The stars matched sweatshirts but showed their own style with skirts.

Erin added sparkle to match her smile with an above-the-knee black sequined skirt. Lori Loughlin went longer, in a royal blue skirt below the knee. Both ladies wore beaming smiles as their most beautiful accessories.

The cast of “When Calls the Heart” share bonds that go beyond the scripts.

Erin Krakow keeps the most faithful birthday calendar for all her castmates and consistently shares favorite moments. She frequently shares fun photos with Pascale Hutton, and it's no wonder that the friendships radiate as purely as they do from the small screen.

When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing” is certain to keep its focus on children in many ways. The community of Hope Valley unites to provide a memorable Christmas for the children on a stranded orphan train, and the mission calls on every resident to do his or her part. Erin Krakow's character, teacher Elizabeth Thornton, will be far along in her pregnancy in the Yuletide feature, and will doubtless be gathering all the wisdom and support she can before her time comes to deliver her baby, with Lori Loughlin’s Abigail and Hutton’s Rosemary standing ready.

Erin and her castmates have described the new season as focused on the future and filled with new relationships, so fans have plenty of reasons to stay tuned.

Another Christmas favorite

Erin Krakow already delighted fans with her third installment of the “Father Christmas” movies, “Marrying Father Christmas,” which has Erin alongside another “When Calls the Heart” favorite, Niall Matter. This time, Miranda and Ian see their long-sought wedding become reality, as the new couple is welcomed with wide open arms, even after the discovery of an unknown uncle. There are several more airings scheduled, in case anyone has missed this holiday wedding treat.

Lori Loughlin literally has dozens of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies to her credit.

Her latest feature for the 2018 season is “Homegrown Christmas,” which premieres this coming Saturday, December 8. Loughlin stars as Maddie, a CEO who has made the choice to step down from her high-powered position. When she goes home to restore some focus and grounding, a run in with her high school sweetheart, Carter, played by Victor Webster, provides an opportunity for her to see what attracted them way back when. It's a high school romance gone right for a change.

Together or apart, at work or at play, it’s always fun to see Erin Krakow and Lori Loughlin having fun and making a difference.