Since the “Midnight, Texas” pilot episode, the series hasn't been a stranger to drama, but last Friday's episode (December 7), “No More Mr. Nice Kai,” may be the most dramatic yet for Season 2. With only three episodes left of the season, situations in Midnight will only get crazier. Actor Jason Lewis has a reminder on Twitter that the next three episodes are the final ones for the season, with the finale airing on December 28. The actor's post also says the last three episodes for "Midnight, Texas" will air an hour earlier.

With a trickster arriving in town and Fiji giving herself over to dark magic, things in Midnight, Texas are complicated, to say the least.

Joe gives in to temptation, with Walker thus sending his husband, Chuy, into a demon tailspin. Creek makes her return to town after a voicemail from Manfred about an emergency. A voicemail Manfred claims he never sent. Kai learns of his wife's relationship with Manfred through yet another mysterious voicemail.

Fiji carves out her heart to give herself to dark magic, but the decision has dire consequences. The only couple not facing any drama is Lem and Olivia, who avoided the chaos by having no secrets, though Lem (Peter Mensah) has become a vampire again, with Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) completely on board. The episode ends in a shocking twist. In the final seconds of the episode, Manfred finds Creek's ghost outside his house.

Fiji continues on her dark journey

Resting Witch Face” airs December 14 and continues with the threads left off in the previous episode. It's safe to say, that following the events of “No More Mr. Nice Kai,” Manfred is now out for answers and some revenge. Creek was last seen at the hotel, where, instead of finding Manfred, she came face to face with Kai.

This will lead Manfred to confront Kai, but nothing is ever that simple in "Midnight, Texas." To save Chuy, Joe (Jason Lewis) goes against a former ally, which will provide plenty of drama, since Chuy (Bernardo Saracino) just learned of his husband's affair. It's not certain who the former ally is.

I think this is where I should share the Episode 2 trailer for the show.

The next "Midnight, Texas" episode also explores more of Fiji's dive into dark magic, which is touched upon in the December 7 episode. Instead of being concerned with her friends' safety, she is more concerned with her drink being spilled and dishing with the demigod about his wicked plan. Kai (Nestor Carbonell) and Patience (Jaime Ray Newman) settle some relationship drama, as she's faced with an ultimatum with her relationship with Manfred known.

The photos released by NBC show the sorrow the Midnighters face after the loss of Creek (Sarah Ramos), with only Joe not shown, who is assumed to be missing to search for Chuy. Other photos reveal the showdowns between Kai and Manfred (Francois Arnaud), and Fiji embracing a new look.

Midnighters fight Dark Witches in season finale

The episode, “Patience is a Virtue,” takes a trip into the past, which is teased in NBC's selection of teaser photos. They reveal Patience and Delilah (Jaime Murray) in medieval influenced attire, both with a man called Theophilus (Nick Lee). Other photos show Fiji with Lem, Olivia, Bobo, and Manfred being restrained, appearing shocked at what they're seeing. The episode finds Kai and Manfred in a surprising team up, while Bobo (Dylan Bruce) and Olivia work together to get Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) back from the dark magic's influence. A surprising visitor shows up in Midnight to see Joe. The episode will air December 21.

The finale airs December 28 and it is called “Yasss, Queen.” The synopsis has the biggest spoilers of the season, as it teases Dark Witches in town and refers to the group as the surviving Midnighters, who are in a desperate fight to save Midnight.

Fans are worried about the possible fates of their favorite characters. This season has seen a continuous streak of seeing people leave Midnight, so it's possible another character could soon be departing. The finale is expected to go out big and hopefully without a major cliffhanger, as a Season 3 renewal has not been announced.