Several cast members, including Charlie Cox and Vincent D'onofrio, have spoken out about the sudden cancellation of their popular series, "Daredevil." In what came as a shock to fans, cast, and crew of the hit series, "Daredevil," Netflix recently announced they would be canceling the Marvel series after three seasons.

EW reported that Charlie Cox said that he expected the show to keep going and that he felt like they had more stories to tell, but he understands the cancellation. Cox recently told Entertainment Weekly that this is a business and that's how business works.

Cox said he finds it weird that he may not be playing the masked vigilante ever again.

'Daredevil' was dream job for Charlie Cox

Cox has been playing Daredevil and Matt Murdock for four years. He enjoyed the physical aspect of it, including the stunts and choreography. Season 3 ended properly, so we're not left with a cliffhanger, like other shows.

While acknowledging that he probably will never have the chance to return as Daredevil, Cox said he would return if the opportunity presented itself to him. Currently, Marvel and Disney have no plans to revive the character on their Disney+ platform.

Vincent D'Onofrio said it makes no sense

Another man to speak out on the cancellation was "Daredevil" actor Vincent D'Onofrio.

Comic Book reported that D'Onofrio said that the decision to cancel the series makes no sense. He says what made the show seem authentic was the cast and crew of the show, including Charlie Cox, the writers, and show boss Jeph Loeb. D'Onofrio has said that while the show is no more, he will always replay "Daredevil" in his mind.

D'Onofrio also said that he has no idea if "Daredevil" will be rebooted on the Disney+ service, which is highly unlikely given the extreme violence and mature content on the series. Disney+ will probably be filled with PG-13 rated content, which allows them to stick with their family-friendly image. Loki and Scarlett Witch are getting their own show, though.

We shall see if Marvel Television can find a place to resettle "Daredevil" and possibly other canceled Netflix shows. Perhaps they can move "Daredevil" to the big screen. While we may no longer see these actors portray the characters we love, they are now focused on new projects that we can enjoy. Vincent D'Onofrio is currently working on "The Kid" both as director and actor. The film is about a kid who witnesses the showdown between Billy the Kid and Sheriff Pat Garrett. If you want to enjoy classic D'Onofrio, check out reruns of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent." Charlie Cox is upcoming project is "Stripped" which will be released in 2020. However, film details are not known at this time.