Scheana Marie attended the Vanderpump Dogs Gala on Thursday, November 15, and she did so with a date, who may be her new boyfriend. After spending the past several months with rumored boyfriend Adam Spott, the "Vanderpump Rules" cast member is now sparking reports of a new romance with a man named Max Boyens.

“Scheana and Max were super adorable," an eyewitness at the event revealed to Us Weekly magazine on November 16. "[Max] had his arm around [Scheana] and was kissing her forehead.” According to the report, Max works with Scheana's co-stars, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, at their recently opened restaurant and bar in West Hollywood, California, TomTom.

Although Scheana Marie said it was “hashtag too soon” to open up about Max and the nature of their relationship, she did acknowledged that Adam Spott, who she was believed to be dating until a very short time ago, was not attending Thursday night's event.

Scheana Marie recently labeled Adam Spott as her best friend

Was Adam Spott friend-zoned by the reality star? Just days ago, while attending the People's Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California, Scheana told Us Weekly magazine that Adam has been her best friend for a year-and-a-half. "Maybe it’s more, maybe it’s not, you’ve got to watch and see!” she teased. However, in the recently released trailer for the seventh season of the show, Scheana Marie was hardly seen and her love life wasn't mentioned.

Scheana Marie will share her dating life on 'Pump Rules'

While not much was seen of Scheana Marie in the trailer, she told Us Weekly magazine that she would be seen going on some dates on the show, and not just with Adam Spott. In fact, she said she would be featured as "single Scheana." “You’ll see new friendships, old friendships, new … there’s just a lot," she explained.

"I’m just excited about it."

Although it's hard to say who Scheana is dating, if anyone, she and Adam seemed to be quite cozy with one another on October 27, when they attended the Los Angeles Dodgers' MLB playoff game. That said, in the weeks since, Scheana hasn't posted any new photos of herself with Adam. Instead, she's been seen only by herself and with her other friends in Los Angeles.

To see more of Scheana Marie, Adam Spott, and their co-stars, don't miss the upcoming season of "Vanderpump Rules," which premieres on the Bravo Network on Monday, December 3 at 9 p.m. No word yet on whether or not Max Boyens will be featured.