Return of the “Bad Boys” for a third time will be good news for fans of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The duo has confirmed that the third installment, “Bad Boys For Life” is officially on. Will Smith is elated and has informed his millions of fans via Instagram about the latest developments. He portrays the role of Detective Mike Lowrey in the series. His co-star Martin Lawrence has added – “we’re making it happen." The news spread like wildfire and in no time, the video garnered millions of views and comments to prove that there is a ready market for such Movies.

BBC reports that fans of Will Smith were waiting for the next installment and will be looking forward to sharing the action as they had done for the previous episodes. It has been a long wait and the fans can heave a sigh of relief that they will return.

What we know so far

The “Bad Boys” came on the scene in 1995 and it was a major achievement for Will Smith because it gave a huge boost to his career. It had received mixed reviews from critics but the box office matters and the movie left its mark where it counts. Its commercial success catapulted the actor to stardom as the film grossed $141m worldwide.

The next one was “Bad Boys II” in 2003. It was similar to the earlier one in terms of reviews from critics, and it also made a noise at the box office with gross earnings of over $273m. The third installment will be “Bad Boys For Life.”

End of a long wait in sight

According to The Grapevine The Root, after many hiccups, there is some good news about the next movie in the series of "Bad Boys." Those who had been waiting for a sequel will be happy because the third one it is very much on the cards.

Both the actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have passed on the good news to their fans through social media platforms. They have made videos on the subject to assure their fans that the long wait will soon be over. Incidentally, in 2017, Lawrence had hinted to a section of the media that “the third installment of the popular film series might not happen.” However, the fact today is that “Bad Boys For Life” is very much on the cards and fans can enjoy the on-screen chemistry between Will and Martin once again.

There will be a change of director with Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah replacing Michael Bay. The movie will release in January 2020.

Will Smith is a versatile actor and has given memorable performances in movies like “Independence Day”, all three episodes of “Men In Black”, “Enemy of the State” etcetera. “Bad Boys For Life” will be another of his movies where he will have appeared in all three episodes.