There is good news for viewers of "The Young and the Restless" who are tired of the J.T. saga. Spoiler alerts indicate that a secret regarding Mr. Helstrom will come to light and his body will surface in Chancellor Park during Fall Sweeps. Photo's show a scene where his burial site is disrupted and this is being promoted as a bonafide spoiler and not simply speculation. Fans have been complaining about how this storyline has been dragging along and are begging for it to end. Nikki hit her former son-in-law on the head to protect Victoria, who along with Phyllis and Sharon, helped to hide the crime.

Once the body is found it's only a matter of time before the cover-up crew is busted.

Fall Sweeps brings an end to the cover-up crew

Soaps She Knows teases that a secret related to J.T. will soon come to light, which could be the location of his body being uncovered. Soap Dirt points out that the scene in Chancellor Park was filmed in late September, which suggests the air date will be sometime near Halloween. The spoiler also indicates that Fall Sweeps begins on Thursday, October 25 and ends on Wednesday, November 21 so look for exciting scenes during this time frame.

Spoilers don't say why the Chancellor Park burial site will be dug up but it could be totally unrelated to what happened to J.T.

What is known however is that "Y&R" viewers are weary of this storyline that has Phyllis, Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon, AKA the cover-up crew living a secret life that their loved ones have no clue about. These four women have been running around in circles for months and it's time the J.T. storyline is finalized.

Chancellor Park will never be the same

Chancellor Park is supposed to be a tribute to the late Kay Chancellor, so when Port Charles finds out what is buried there it will be shocking. Jill is slated to return soon and it might just be in time for J.T.'s body to surface. This storyline has created a buzz regarding who is targeting the cover-up crew, with the top three contenders being Mack, Rey, or Mariah.

Knowing that this long tedious direction that "Y&R" has been headed in is about to conclude may indeed increase ratings during Fall Sweeps.

Soap Dirt hints that Halloween might be a big day, so the secret that Soaps She Knows alludes to could be the discovery of J.T.'s body. It also may be related to something else regarding Mr. Helstrom, either way, keep your eyes on Chancellor Park. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and remember to watch "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.