The latest updates and spoilers for the live-action "Titans" TV series reveal Robin forming his own superhero team in a new trailer. Netflix streamed the latest video highlighting Dick Grayson's journey to Detroit after he left Batman and Gotham City. He then forms a makeshift team of outcasts as they fight an evil organization that is after a young girl named Rachel Roth (Raven).

There is also a new theory hinting that new Robin, Jason Todd, will be an obstacle in introducing Batman into the TV series. The show will have a much darker and mature tone than the "Arrowverse" shows, and it will be streamed on the DC Universe app, and Netflix internationally.

Robin forms the Titans in new Netflix trailer

The new "Titans" trailer reveals Dick Grayson settling in Detroit after he left Bruce and Gotham. He now works as a police detective, but still fights crime as Robin during the night. The men and women of Detroit's police precinct wondered why Robin is in their city to which Dick sarcastically replied that he came for the "weather."

Dick begins to help Rachel Roth after she and her mother were being chased by an unknown group. He soon discovers that she has powers, and begins to comfort and guide her the same way Bruce did for him as a kid. Dick soon introduces Rachel to Garfield Logan (Beast Boy) and Kory (Starfire). Together they form a team to stop this shadowy organization and build a new family of their own.

The trailer also highlights Beast Boy's shapeshifting abilities, Starfire's alien origin, Raven's demonic powers, and Dick's close ties with other vigilantes such as Hawk and Dove. Comic reported that everyone outside of the United States can watch "Titans" on Netflix allows international streaming.

No Batman cameos in the show

According to Screen Rant, the first season of "Titans" will have references to Batman, but he will not show up in person. SImilar to Superman in the "Supergirl" TV series from the CW Network, Bruce will not show up in full Batman costume and Jason Todd will be used as his stand-in.

Having Jason in the show is another narrative way for them keep Batman away from the show until the writers and showrunners figure out a way to make the timing of his first appearance perfect.

Showrunner Greg Walker stated that Dick and Jason will not get along in the show as there is a strong tension between them due to the former Boy Wonder's resentment towards his mentor and meeting his "successor."

"Titans" will premiere on October 12 on the DC Universe and Netflix.