Just days after Warner Bros. announced that they are pushing back the release date for "Wonder Woman: 1984," two other major projects are now set to face off against each other. The Hollywood Reporter announced that Sony is pushing back its "Charlie's Angels" reboot from Sept. 27, 2019, to Nov. 1.

Paramount fired back with their announcement saying that their new "Terminator" project will also be released on Nov. 1, instead of their originally scheduled release date of Nov. 15. While these two won't draw the same audience, they are planning for a lengthy run in November, including the major Thanksgiving holiday rush, as well as early December.

Newest 'Terminator' flick will reunite the original cast

Hollywood legendary director James Cameron has been confirmed to be producing the "Terminator" reboot and is working alongside director Tim Miller. Paramount has already tapped Natalia Reyes as the star in the "Terminator reboot, and also announced that Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to the franchise.

The newest chapter in the Terminator franchise will mark the first time that Hamilton, Schwarzenegger, and Cameron worked together since "Terminator 2: Judgement Day." Plot details are scarce, but Cameron has said that the film will be a sequel to "Terminator 2."

Deadline has reported that Charlie's Angels will be directed by Elizabeth Banks.

Sony has confirmed that the cast includes Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, and Patrick Stewart.

'Wonder Woman: 1984' release date move a strategic decision

"Wonder Woman: 1984" had its release date changed after Warner Bros. pulled "Six Billion Dollar Man," from its release slate. The studio purchased the rights for The Six Billion Dollar man project from the Weinstein Company.

"The Six Billion Dollar Man" was originally going to be released in December of 2017.

After Warner Bros. took over the film, it pushed the release date back to June 5, 2020. It now appears the film has finally died off. The only details known about "The Six Billion Dollar Man," film was the title and that Mark Wahlberg was going to be the lead actor.

No official word has been given for the choice of release dates, but it could be a strategic move. With these two big potential blockbusters facing off on the same release date, it still to be seen if "Terminator" or "Charlie's Angels," will take the top spot at the box office.

These two franchises focus on strong women, but one is an action-flick, while the other may lean toward the comedy-spy flick.