Ursula Stolf is the star of Canadian “Storage Wars” where she plays the role of Ursula “The Knock Out” and is seen in 167 countries across the globe. Ursula is excited to reveal that the show has been officially added to USA and Canadian NETFLIX lineups after being on air for five years.

Ursula discussed her “Storage Wars” experiences via an exclusive interview on October 14, 2018.

Acting, nicknames, and reality TV

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your talent for acting and how did you land a role on “Storage Wars”?

Ursula Stolf (US): Acting was never an aspiration of mine.

All my life was geared towards a career in Education. In Ontario, Canada permanent positions as a teacher are hard to come by. In 2013, Storage Wars was expanding its franchise to Canada. The casting director by chance came by a picture of me and invited me out to a ‘mock auction audition. It was at that audition that I had proved and discovered that I had the ability to improv. It was then and there that I was offered the opportunity to join the cast of Storage Wars Canada; the rest is history!

MM: How close is the TV version of Ursula to the real-life Ursula and how did you get your nickname “The Knock Out”?

US: Ursula ‘the knock out’ is definitely my alter ego. In real life, I am a toned-down version of my TV character; I am kinder and more forgiving.

My moniker ‘the knock out’ was assigned to me by the production company; it’s a ‘double entendre’ - depicting a strong and attractive woman.

MM: What do you most enjoy about starring on a Reality TV show and which moments have been the most memorable?

US: Starring on a reality show in itself is extremely fun and unpredictable!

The calamity that occurs on a daily basis creates limitless, spontaneous fun! There are too many moments to narrow down to just one, as the most memorable. In fact, there is something special and memorable about every episode that I have appeared on!

MM: What sorts of things have you found in storage lockers and how do you manage to resell them?

US: I have found everything from prosthetics, sex toys, vinyl records, even a half cooked decomposed turkey! Gross! Generally speaking, I sell most things I find at auction houses and my personal websites online, like ‘Ursula’s Locker Loot.’

Fans, characters, and the future

MM: How often are you recognized by fans and do you like to be approached off camera or is it annoying?

US: I’m recognized several times a day, every day. I’m extremely appreciative for every fan and viewer. I always welcome people coming up to me to say ‘hello.’ If not for the fans- none of the success that Storage Wars Canada has experienced would have been possible!

MM: What kinds of roles/characters—and show/movie genres—do you hope to take on in the future?

US: I’m open to any and all roles, whether it is commercials, alternate TV roles, movies, etc.

MM: What are your major goals for the future and would you like to mention anything else?

US: My goal is to continue discovering opportunities that challenge me and keep me jumping out of bed in the morning!