The latest updates and spoilers for "Daredevil" Season 3 reveal new details about the rivalry between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk (The Kingpin). Netflix streamed a new featurette for the show, commenting on how these two characters will come to blows when they meet each other again.

Cast members Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson talked about the status of their characters, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page, during an interview with Comic Book Resources. The third season will be based on the "Born Again" story arc as Matt Murdock returns to Hell's Kitchen after the events of "The Defenders." However, he will face Kingpin once again to save his city and fight a new enemy, Bullseye, who is impersonating him.

New trailer featurette

According to Collider, the new trailer is focused on the return of Wilson Fisk to the city after he is released from prison due to a deal he made with the FBI. Fisk's return will help him save his fiancee Vanessa from being incarcerated. However, he has other plans as he wants to ruin Matt's life and his friends, starting with framing Daredevil.

Cast member Charlie Cox praised Vincent D'Onorfrio for his portrayal of Wilson Fisk and added that he made the character "iconic" in the show. Fisk will be five times ahead of Matt as the game of psychological cat-and-mouse chase could drive either man over the edge.

Foggy and Karen status in season 3

According to CBR, both Elden Hensen and Deborah Ann Woll revealed the status of their characters after Matt's supposed death in "The Defenders" finale.

Karen Page was last seen helping Frank Castle in "The Punisher" while Foggy Nelson made a cameo in "Jessica Jones" season 2.

Woll told CBR that Karen is in a lonely place and has been trying to avoiding connection with everyone ever since Matt's death. She blames herself for what happened and feels that she does not deserve affection with everyone around her.

"I think that with Matt gone, what will be good for Karen is that she’s going to have to find out whether or not she’s worthy of love without having to find it through him," Woll said.

It was previously reported that Karen's past will be explored in the season 3 finale before she met Matt in the show.

As for Foggy, Hensen told the website that his character is dealing with a lot of anger and resentment, knowing how close Foggy is to Matt are in the show and have treated each other as family.

He also added that despite Foggy's success as a lawyer he does not care about the money, but rather in helping people because that is what his best friend would have wanted.

"Daredevil" season 3 will premiere on October 19 on Netflix.