The Monarchy of Sweden is a historic institution, predating the 16th Century. It has survived a changing world, numerous wars, and several outbreaks of disease. Today, it's one of Europe's most popular royal dynasties. The current king, Carl XVI Gustaf, ascended to the throne in 1973. He followed his grandfather, Gustaf VI Adolf. Carl Gustaf's father, Prince Gustaf Adolf, was tragically killed in a plane crash in 1947.

The popularity of the Swedish royal family has also attracted the attention of the criminal world. In 2012, a family friend stole $120,000 worth of jewels that had been in the care of Carl Gustaf's younger sister.

The History Channel reports that the thief sold some of the jewels to marijuana dealers. He later tossed a priceless tiara off a Stockholm bridge. The following year, copies of a crown, scepter, and orb that belonged to King Johan III were taken. All of the items were recovered but the culprit was not caught. Recently, thieves struck again.

Royal funeral regalia in Strangas stolen

The theft took place at a beloved cathedral in Strangas. Roughly an hour east of Stockholm, the cathedral is the burial place of a number of prominent Swedish historical figures. It is also one of a number of cathedrals in the country to feature royal jewels on display.

The items in question include two crowns and and orb.

They belonged to King Charles IX and his second wife, Queen Christina. Alarms went off at the cathedral at around noon on July 31st. The thieves broke into the display case before reportedly fleeing the scene on stolen bicycles. From there, they boarded a speedboat and disappeared on nearby Malaren, one of the world's largest lakes.

Divers have been scouring the lake, and a national alarm has been triggered in Sweden. Interpol has also been brought into the investigation.

The country is outraged by the act

The Washington Post reports that citizens are disgusted over the fact that the thieves committed a crime in a holy building. Many are also shocked over the items themselves, since they are of great cultural significance.

Charles IX and Christina are noted as the parents of King Gustav II Adolf.

Also known as Gustavus Adolphus the Great, he was the King of Sweden for more than 20 years. He is credited with founding the Swedish Empire, which lasted for more than 100 years. Gustav II Adolf is also regarded as a military innovator and a defender of Protestantism.