"Game of Thrones" season 8 isn't coming any time soon, and, as always, fans are trying to fill the void with some thought-provoking theories to pass the time until at least the end of April when the show is most likely to return.

Of course, no official release date has been announced yet, but HBO did confirm that the final season of "Game of Thrones" will premiere sometime during the first half of 2019, just in time to be eligible for next year's Emmys. This basically means that they would have to air most of the season 8 episodes before the Emmys 2019 eligibility cutoff date, May 31.

Now, as far as the speculation goes, there's one theory, in particular, that is becoming more and more popular as the final season approaches. Let's check it out.

The Night King is immortal

Even if you are not a hard-core "Game of Thrones" fan, chances are that you might have heard about the ever popular Bran is the Night King theory. And while I've explored different angles of this rather complicated theory many times before to the point that I almost believe it, there's another, far more simple, and yet equally bittersweet idea that's worth exploring.

This theory is hardly a new one. In fact, many people, myself included, have already reported on this. But the new details have emerged. Let's check them out.

As reported by Dan from YouTube channel Talking Thrones, the idea behind this theory is that the Night King is immortal, meaning that he can't be killed even with the dragonglass-made weapons or Valyrian steel for that matter.

The only way to kill him, at least in this theory, would be to pull out the dragonglass from his chest that the Children of the Forest used to create him in the first place, as seen in "Game of Thrones" Season 6.

According to this theory, it will be Jon Snow who will extract the dragonglass from the Night King's chest after the one-on-one combat, causing the Night King to die. But contrary to popular opinion, the death of the Night King wouldn't cause the rest of the White Walkers and wights to die as well. Instead, they would be out of control and they would start rampaging around the country.

Jon Snow's sacrifice

Seeing all the chaos the Army of the Dead is causing, Jon Snow will decide to stab himself with the previously extracted dragonglass dagger and turn himself into the new Night King in order to gain control over the massive army of the undead. Then, Jon Snow, still having his human memories at this point, would take the rest of the White Walkers and wights right back they came from. Not stopping there, he would also help mankind re-build the Wall before ultimately retreating to the Lands of Always Winter where he would eventually lose his personality, just like the previous Night King.

Check out the "Talking Thrones" video below for more details.