The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 5 reveal the intentions of the new Harrison Wells character, Sherloque Wells. Executive producer Todd Helbing told TV Line (via that Sherloque will help Team Flash stop the new main antagonist of the season, Cicada.

Variety also revealed a new photo for the show featuring Barry Allen and his future daughter, Nora, complete with their superhero suits. The fifth season will focus on Barry and Iris West-Allen helping Nora get back to the future after she made several mistakes in the present timeline, which leads to new threats to Central City.

Sherloque's mission in the show

According to, Todd Helbing stated that Sherloque will help Barry and the team take down Cicada during the events of season 5. Sherloque is said to be a master detective that even rivals Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man) skill much to his chagrin.

“He’s come to help [the team] track down Cicada," Helbing told TV Line. "He’s pretty awesome at his job, and Ralph doesn’t take too kindly to somebody that has skills that may or may not be better than his.”

Although his skills as a detective will prove useful for the team, cast member Tom Cavanagh stated at the San Diego Comic-Con panel that Sherloque is not very trustworthy and is suspicious, giving Team Flash a reason to be skeptical about his methods and intentions.

Cavanagh has played several versions of Harrison Wells throughout the show from Eobard Thawne, Harry Wells, and H.R. Wells to the members of the Council of Wells.

Flash and XS Team-up

According to Comic, Variety released a new photo for the show featuring Barry and Nora in their superhero costumes teasing a father-daughter team-up.

Nora will be taking the codename XS in the show as she is Central City's protector in the future. Her costume will similar to her mother's outfit when Iris became a speedster for short period.

Cast member Jessica Parker Kennedy stated at the SDCC 2018, that Nora has a lot of secrets to hide from her parents and the rest of the team, and they will be explored one-by-one in each episode.

Her mistakes caused changes to the timeline to the point that many comic book fans debated that she created Cicada in the first place and has something to do with Barry's disappearance on April 25, 2024.

Cicada will be played by "American Pie" actor Chris Klein and his mission in the show is to get rid of every metahuman living in Central City including the Scarlet Speedster.