The latest updates and spoilers for "Spider-Man: Far From Home" reveal three MCU characters spotted on the set of the sequel. Reddit user Uhtred101 posted a behind-the-scenes video of Samuel L. Jackson and Colbie Smulders reprising their roles as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Twitter user Rochi Shion posted photos of the production and they featured "Iron Man" actor and director, Jon Favreau, hinting his return as Happy Hogan.

There is also a rumor that another Marvel villain will be added to the growing cast of the sequel. "Far From Home" will take place after the events of "Avengers 4" as Peter Parker and his friends go on a trip to Europe.

However, his vacation does not go smoothly as he tries to stop Mysterio from stealing Tony Stark's last invention.

MCU reunion in Spider-Man: Far From Home

According to Screen Rant, Untred101's video sees Nick Fury and Maria Hill walking out of a building and they are all geared, up hinting an action sequence. While the scene was short and uninteresting, Marvel fans are happy to see the two back together after their ordeal of being erased by Thanos during the events of "Avengers: Infinity War."

Nick Fury will serve as Peter Parker's new mentor in the sequel after Tony's demise in their war against the Mad Titan.

Peter will also have a tough time coping with his experiences and tries to live up to Tony's legacy by getting back his last invention from Mysterio.

Aside from Nick Fury and Maria Hill, Happy Hogan will also return to the sequel as Jon Favreau was spotted during production. Happy served as Peter's handler after "Civil War" and has been keeping an eye out for him ever since.

Molten Man teased in the sequel

According to Geek Tyrant, an action figure of Molten Man was spotted in the "Far From Home" toy line hinting his possible appearance in the movie.

While Marvel Studios and Sony have not made a comment about it, Molten Man's participation could indicate that the film will have three villains. Jake Gyllenhaal has been cast to play Mysterio, while Turkish-born actor, Numan Acar, is hinted to play Dmitri Smerdyakov (a.k.a. Chameleon).

In the comics, Mark Raxton is exposed to an organic liquid allow that covers his whole body and has the appearance of a molten gold statue. His hands can create a flame-like substance and fires them as projectiles. His hands are so hot that they can melt steel in mere minutes.

"Spider-Man: Far From Home" will premiere in cinemas on July 5, 2019.