Asia Argento is accused of committing sex acts in 2013 against a young man from California, who was 17 at the time. Several media reports noted that the teen is now a young man. His name is Jimmy Bennet.

With a lingering cloud of suspicion amid the allegations, CNN decided to no longer stream episodes that involved Argento, according to a September 2 report by People. Argento was Anthony Bourdain’s girlfriend at the time of his death in June.

Anthony Bourdain paid off girlfriend’s accuser

Before Bourdain reportedly committed suicide, he paid Argento’s accuser $380,000, according to the Guardian (UK).

Though Bourdain’s girlfriend refuted the contention that she was involved in inappropriate sexual conduct with Bennet, Bourdain paid to allegedly “settle” with the Bennet, who is an actor and musician.

Bennett, “broke his silence,” CNN reported on August 23, citing the young man’s name. Bennet, 22, stated that Argento sexually assaulted him in a hotel room in Marina del Rey, California. The state’s age of consent is 18. Argento was 37 when the assault reportedly happened.

Argento denies accusations, but selfie surfaces with alleged victim

Argento, who is now 42, has continually denied acting inappropriately toward her accuser, though CNN did publish a photo on August 23 that appears to show both parties “laying down.” CNN stated that the image seems to be “a selfie.”

According to Bennet and to CNN, as well as additional media outlets, Bennet wanted to “handle” the accusations of sexual assault privately.

He was not emotionally prepared for the media to cover his story. He also thought of the existing stigma affecting males who are sexually traumatized.

Harvey Weinstein accuser also accused

Bennet played Argento’s son in a 2004 movie entitled, “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.” Argento leveled her own accusations against disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

She was one of the women who spoke out early, contending Weinstein forced her to perform certain acts. Weinstein, like Argento, has denied the allegations.

Actress says Bourdain was ‘extorted,’ wanted no ‘further intrusions’

Argento is an Italian actress and director. She claims that Bennet “extorted” the money from her and Bourdain, according to US Weekly.

In addition to Bennet stating that he initially wanted to address his sexual assault allegations privately, Argento also told media that Bourdain’s preference was to also deal with the problem in private. The outcome that Bourdain allegedly sought was for Bennet not to present “further intrusions” in Argento’s life, US Weekly also noted.

CNN pulls episodes with Argento, also fired from ‘X Factor’

In addition to accusing Weinstein of sexual misconduct, Argento has also been vocal in #MeToo advocacy. CNN stated that the episodes of Bourdain’s TV show that it pulled include one that was filmed in Rome, as well as a show taped in Southern Italy, People reported.

Argento directed an episode that was taped in Hong Kong, which will not be streamed either.

CNN did not specify why it will not show the Hong Kong episode, even though Argento is not featured on film.

Though Argento had signed on to be a judge on Italy’s “X Factor” televised talent show she has also been fired from that job. She was reportedly let go from the role after Bennet’s allegations made the media. Bourdain, according to Argento, was her “protector.”

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