This 2018 “America's Got Talent” season was “lucky 13” for the competition, and began with thousands of hopefuls in endless lines, simply hoping for the chance to be seen by the judges. Over the course of the summer, Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell have seen the 10 contenders for the “America's Got Talent” title multiple times, along with the millions of viewers who faithfully tune in to the competition. The judges rallied the live audience at the Dolby Theatre, cheering in support of the talents in the finals. The panel of professionals has no power when it comes to deciding the ultimate winner now, however -- the votes determine who takes the prize.

Violinist Brian King Joseph was dazzling, dressed in gleaming white, with his instrument outlined in white neon. He performed the Kanye West song “Heartless." There's no doubt that the performance was an open plea to the rapper to ask Joseph on tour, and the violinist flat-out begged, “Kanye, let's go on tour,” with Tyra Banks. Howie Mandel raved that the night “opened with a closer” of a performance, thanks to Joseph. Mel B called the performance a “best of all time” for the musician. Heidi Klum playfully nodded that Brian had fiddled his way to becoming a finalist, and Simon Cowell insisted that he had a real shot at winning the competition. The British judge hoped that his “America's Got Talent” journey would be life-changing.

Only the best

Daniel Emmet has been saved by his fervent voting public three times throughout the competition, and he was not about to shirk this moment. The heartthrob opera singer set out to please everyone with Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect Symphony" (sung in Italian with the perfect closing line in English). Mel B had no other word but perfect for Daniel, loving the return to dual languages.

Heidi Klum noted that the singer has been unstoppable. Simon Cowell remarked that this performance was powerful and “so much better than last time,” while Howie didn’t seem very moved. Emmet even sang an opera tune to his fans, thanking them three times for their support.

Vicki Barbolak pulled out all the stops and pulled off her robe to reveal her swimsuit body at the start of her routine.

The comedian still kept everyone in stitches with her wish for a female-friendly competitor for Hooters, deliberately having no shrimp on the menu. Howie Mandel praised that it was the best act ever from Vicki, and Mel B wants to make a reservation at that restaurant, where Heidi Klum would love to order sausage. Simon Cowell couldn't figure out the Hooters connotation, but he did say that he hoped that television producers were watching Barbolak because a show with her at the center would be a perfect contrast to the Kardashians.

Glennis Grace once more displayed her perfect sensibility for the right song, this time choosing “Run” by Snow Patrol for this pivotal moment. The single mom has truly shined when it matters most, and this was perhaps her most passionate performance.

Every one of the judges rose to his or her feet, and Heidi Klum dubbed the effort “flawless.” Simon Cowell couldn't get the word “sensational” out fast enough, and he added that he hoped the producers of the stage version of “The Greatest Showman” already had Glennis on their list for a leading role. Howie Mandel credited that the Dutch singer now has “a career for the world” with her “America's Got Talent” stint. Mel B didn't love the song but still loves Grace as a singer. Glennis Grace certainly has a gift for the big notes.

Rising with passion

Acrobatic dancers Zucaroh have embraced themes of creation, the jungle, and golden themes of Roman days from glistening ice. The moon was out for this finals offering from the troupe, led by the devoted Peterson.

Their movements and dramatic tosses were breathtaking. The children in the group carried inflatable orbs of the Earth juxtaposed against “love in our arms” portrayed by embraces. Heidi Klum again reiterated that the group is “ready for Vegas,” and Howie Mandel called them “amazing” along with his OMG assessment. Mel B felt that Zacaroh “may win,” and Heidi Klum added that the children are the icing on the cake for another performance deemed “sensational” by Simon Cowell. The judge praised that these artists are proof that the competition is more than “America's Got Talent,” but rather, that “America welcomes talent.”

Samuel J. Comroe brings so much comedy swag and positivity that his Tourette's syndrome hardly comes into play, but he still delivered his A-Game, according to Howie Mandel.

He related how he met his wife in a theater group skit. She was playing the cop, and he was being arrested, and the rest is history. He also explained that his Tourette's variety doesn't involve swear words, so when he cusses, it's “from the heart.” Heidi Klum praised that the comedian won her over this time, and Mel B had painful cheeks from laughing. Simon Cowell reminded Samuel that the audience loved him, and that was the biggest success for any comedian, praising the “sharp” routine.

Teen rocker Courtney Hadwin has enjoyed being the final performer of the night in the quarterfinals and semifinals, but the shy schoolgirl still turned on her soulful R&B strut for “River Deep Mountain High,” with moves so frantic that Mel B thought her legs might break.

That didn't happen, but Courtney can still let out a rocking scream like nothing her generation has heard, and Simon Cowell praised that she is bringing old-school rock 'n roll to young people, inspiring them as she goes. Howie Mandel could hardly contain himself, saying that Courtney was “on fire” and a certain superstar. Heidi Klum asserted that Courtney might be the newest of the teen winners in recent “America's Got Talent” history. Simon Cowell loves that Hadwin always gives a memorable performance, meaning that “people will remember you,” praised the judge.

Close-up magician Shin Lim stole Tyra Banks’ heart by producing her nine of hearts card again and again, out of nowhere. He even made the number of hearts change before the watchful eye of the camera before a shower of the cards fell from his hands.

Simon Cowell was astounded by the showmanship of this finals performance, and Howie Mandel called it a million-dollar act. “Pure magic” was the praise from Mel B, and Heidi Klum said this performance might mean a win for the magician.

Married couple and aerial performers Duo Transcend definitely raised the stakes of daring in their final performance. Tyce was blindfolded at the very beginning of the performance, basically doing every catch and toss with his wife without seeing anything. Mary was the one who deliberately “dropped” her husband in this finale, but both survived just fine. Simon Cowell openly admitted that he didn't like this kind of act, but this couple takes it “to a different level." Howie Mandel gave high marks as the passionate pair’s best performance.

Heidi Klum loved that the artists were “hot, dangerous, and sexy,” while Mel B said the performance was seamless and flawless.

Michael Ketterer came out to close the night, and every sinew of the singing dad’s being was felt in his rendition of “Ain't No Mountain High Enough.” After the performance, the adoptive father and mental health nurse explained that the song was his tribute to God for bringing him and his family through so many tough times, and through this “America's Got Talent” experience. Simon Cowell was tearful as he told Michael that he would love to give the million dollars to the singer and his family, simply because the father is such an amazing inspiration -- verified by his pre-performance profile.

Heidi Klum said that emotion and voice are a winning combination for Ketterer. Mel B called the arrangement a brave choice. The audience gave a genuine, resounding roar of approval.

Michael will sing an original Garth Brooks song when he performs with the country superstar at Notre Dame in October.

Superstar performances from Placido Domingo, Lindsey Stirling, Bebe Rexha, and more will be part of collaborations with the finalist contenders before the ultimate vote is revealed.