After a Hollywood career of more than half a century, Robert Redford has decided to call it a day and has announced his retirement from acting. He is now 81 and will be seen for the last time in his final appearance in “The Old Man & The Gun.”

Daily Mail UK reports that Redford began his acting career on stage in the 1950s. His debut on the silver screen was in the 1962 film “War Hunt” where he had a leading role. However, he earned recognition in 1969 after his portrayal of an outlaw in the 1969 Western classic “Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid.” He was a Wild West outlaw and he acted alongside Paul Newman.

A peep into the career of Robert Redford

He made his entry in Hollywood in the 1960s and the role of the “Sundance Kid” was his stepping stone to success in the movie world. The story was action-oriented, only it was not animation but real life action of outlaws with horses, guns, valleys, canyons, and rivers while trying to outrun a US posse in pursuit of train robberies.

Robert Redford acted in the 1967 romantic comedy “Barefoot In The Park” with Jane Fonda.

That role marked him out to be Hollywood's golden boy. However, he wanted to do different types of roles and got a chance in 1976 with the film “All The President's Men.” He had Dustin Hoffman as co-star and it was a political thriller based on the Watergate Scandal.

His final film is “The Old Man & The Gun.” Here he portrays the role of Forrest Tucker who was a real-life criminal.

He mastered the art of robbing banks, getting caught and breaking out of prisons. It was an obsession with him because he had done it 17 times, and Redford loved the story. He talked about retirement in 2016 but has not yet decided on his future. He could take up some work related to filmmaking; probably directing.

Netflix will show Robert Redford’s films

The Guardian adds that Netflix released one of his filmsOur Souls at Night in September 2017. It is a romance in which Robert Redford stars opposite Jane Fonda. Another one “The Old Man & the Gun” is in the pipeline. It is a crime comedy set to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

Redford has been acting since 1960 and had a very good run over the years, with a massive fan following which remains to this day. Notably, was “The Sting” in 1973 also with Newman. It was his biggest box-office success. He was nominated for Oscar for his role in this film but it did not materialize. However, he got an honorary Oscar in 2001.