“The Old Man and the Gun” portrays the 82-year-old Robert Redford in the role of Forrest Tucker, an elderly bank robber and the actor has indicated that this may not be his last film. The movie will be released on September 28 and retirement is not on his agenda right now.

The Daily Mail UK reports that over the years, Robert Redford has been seen in different roles and the characters he portrayed on the screen has left his audiences wanting for more. He puts his heart and soul into the character and invariably comes out on top. His latest movie should not disappoint the audience.

About Redford’s forthcoming film

Robert Redford had set up the nonprofit organization Sundance Institute in 1981. It is dedicated to independent filmmaking and organizes the Sundance Film Festival. In one of these festivals, he met the 37-year-old director David Lowery. The occasion was the premiere of one of Lowery's Movies.

It seems the director was keen to make a film on Forrest Tucker who was a lifelong stickup man and kept escaping from prison. Redford liked the concept and Lowery went ahead to write the script of the real-life story which became “The Old Man and the Gun.

Others in the cast are Danny Glover and Tom Waits. The love interest is Sissy Spacek while Casey Affleck is the police detective who is out to nab Forrest Tucker the bank robber. Incidentally, Robert Redford loves to portray roles where he is on the other side of the law. In his own words – “the idea of the outlaw has always been very appealing to me.”

It promises to be different

According to The Star-Advertiser, Robert Redford has been in the industry for more than six decades.

The Old Man and the Gun” is set for release by Fox Searchlight and could be his last one as an actor. He has been in movies from his early 20s and wants to be with his wife and family, but he does have ideas to turn director.

One of his movies was “All the President’s Men.” It was about the White House investigation to Watergate.

However, today he doesn’t want to think about politics because he feels one gets depressed with the thought. He hopes this movie will be a different kettle of fish.

The audience of today has got used to watching fast-paced movies based on fantasy and sci-fi and out of the world characters where animation rules supreme. They want movies based on ground realities of today where one can come across ordinary people. The movie of an elderly bank robber on the run is expected to meet their requirements and provide variety.