The New York Jets are looking towards a big season in which they may celebrate some new heroes on the field. The team drafted a brand new quarterback with Sam Darnold, giving them high hopes for the future. The NY Jets' odds to win the Super Bowl have even moved in their favor during the preseason. If all goes well over their 16 games, Darnold and other players may become the newest heroes in green. The Jets will also be celebrating iconic superheroes this season, thanks to a strategic partnership involving Marvel.

Jets announce Marvel partnership

A report from Comic Book on Tuesday (Aug. 21) indicates that the New York Jets announced a partnership with Marvel Entertainment. This partnership will give fans the chance to experience various Marvel-themed features during games at MetLife Stadium. Among them will be a Green Out event that is planned for Oct. 21 this season.

Jets president Neil Glat expressed the organization's excitement about the partnership saying "we look forward to working with an iconic brand like Marvel." Marvel Publisher John Nee also expressed excitement over the partnership saying the company "is thrilled to be working with a partner like the New York Jets." He added it will allow fans with different "ways to connect with the Marvel Universe."

Vikings vs Jets Green Out event

The Green Out event will also be presented by Toyota.

It features a "game-themed fight" involving popular Marvel superheroes Hulk and Thor. That particular date will also feature an NFL game as the Minnesota Vikings visit the New York Jets, making for a symbolic Marvel fight. In addition, the first 15,000 fans to show up at MetLife Stadium will receive a free bobblehead featuring Hulk standing on the Jets' field (seen in the tweet above).

Fans have seen Hulk and Thor battle in the comics but also in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The two first met on screen in the "Avengers" movie and didn't get along all that well. Their fight carried over to "Thor: Ragnarok" where the two Avengers had to battle it out in front of a crowded arena of spectators. They ultimately teamed up to save the world as best they could.

That film may have also set up a new Hulk trilogy.

In connection with the Green Out event, a special 16-page Hulk vs Thor comic book will be written by Fabian Nicieza and released via the Jets. There's also a poster that will be handed out featuring the comic book cover. That goes to 55,000 fans as they leave the stadium after the Oct. 21 game.

Other special plans

The Jets and Marvel also have another eight-page, digital-only comic book scheduled for release. It will help to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Super Bowl III where quarterback Joe Namath helped deliver a championship to the team. This digital comic should be available online ahead of the Jets' first game of the season. That takes place on Oct.

14 against the Indianapolis Colts. Fans can check out the first chapter of the comic on Oct. 10 via other the website and Jets app.

The Jets shared some other photos on their Twitter about upcoming specials or themes for this season at MetLife Stadium. Among the photos shown is a vehicle detailed with the Incredible Hulk on the side. That Toyota vehicle will be parked on display at the stadium.

One has to think there will be some other special features in the works. So far, it seems the typically green Hulk fits the New York Jets well, but fans are hoping they show Hulk's power on the NFL field this coming season.