"Iron Fist" Season 2 spoilers reveal Danny Rand's former ally, Davos, showcasing his own Iron Fist powers in a new trailer. Cast member Finn Jones also confirmed that Mike Colter's character, Luke Cage, will not have a cameo appearance in the show. The second season will take place after the events of "The Defenders" on Netflix, as Danny Rand protects New York City from criminals. But a new threat emerges, as Davos challenges him for the right to become K'un L'un's immortal weapon and protector, and feels that Danny is not worthy to have the power after failing to save his adopted home.

Davo as the Immortal Iron Fist

According to Comic Book, the official Iron Fist Twitter page posted the new trailer showcasing Davos and his ability to summon his chi through his fist, similar to Danny Rand. Davos fights off several unknown assailants and he relishes his new found power. This also hints that he became the very weapon that Danny has failed to become when he left K'un L'un for New York to save his family's company and legacy. Both men were allies against The Hand, but Davos felt that Danny was too forgiving of his enemies.

Davos will not be working alone against Danny, as he recruits Typhoid Mary on his mission.

It is also rumored that the second season will feature the tournament of the seven cities of heaven, and the hidden Eighth City will reveal itself in the final moments of the show during Season 2.

Netflix has ordered ten episodes for the second season, and vice president Cindy Holland wanted to focus more on quality, rather than quantity.

I felt that the first season was not a success due to the story's slow and dragging pacing, and I feel the showrunners want to remedy that by adding more fight scenes and engaging plot points.

No Luke Cage cameo

According to Comic Book Resources, cast member Finn Jones confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that Luke Cage will not make a surprise cameo in the show.

“Well, Mike [Colter] isn’t, unfortunately, in Season 2,” Jones stated at SDCC. “I wish he was! I love working with Mike. I hope to see more Heroes for Hire in the future. I think it’s a great pairing."

Danny and Colleen appeared in "Luke Cage" Season 2, helping both Luke and Misty Knight in their individual struggles. Comic book fans who saw their pairings believed that this could pave the way for both Marvel and Netflix to develop two new spin-off titles; "Heroes for Hire" and "Daughters of the Dragon."