Actor Denzel Washington has taken on many iconic roles during his career. However, he has yet to appear in any of the largely popular Marvel or DC-themed superhero films. That could change if casting crews are paying attention to Washington's recent comments. The Academy Award-winning actor seems to be open toward taking on a role in either of the vast universes full of characters.

Washington comments on DC/Marvel casting

Among the roles that Washington has been a part of during his career are leading roles in "The Book of Eli," "Man on Fire," and "The Magnificent Seven." He's currently starring in the sequel to "The Equalizer," which is based on a popular television series.

Washington plays the lead role of a vigilante who seeks retribution against those who have victimized himself or others. "The Equalizer 2" has done well at the box office, according to reports, with critics and audiences mixed about the film.

Could Denzel be heading to a superhero film next? Washington recently spoke with (video below) about the possibilities for a role in either Marvel or DC's worlds. When asked about whether or not he was approached for a role he said, "I haven't been approached…we'll see what happens." Denzel added with regards to him taking on a role in the MCU or DCU, "Never say never."

Washington has connections

It's no secret that Denzel Washington is a well-connected actor in terms of show business.

While he is probably friends with plenty of actors and actresses who have been in DC and Marvel Movies, he has Ryan Coogler among his connections. Cooler directed the box office hit, "Black Panther," which will likely have a sequel. In addition, Washington paid for star Chadwick Boseman's acting studies at Oxford.

Denzel even said he was at the premiere of the film and came in the back way to avoid the crowd.

He said during his entrance into the venue he bumped into Chad [Boseman] and Ryan Coogler. Denzel said he even shared a laugh with Boseman saying "I want my money" to the star of "Black Panther," since he paid for his acting studies. Washington said he didn't know who it was he had paid for but that he's "glad to be — in a very small way — a part of it."

DC/Marvel roles available?

There is no shortage of superhero and supervillain roles available throughout comic book lore.

Washington has even starred in a comic book adaptation for "Two Guns," although it was not a Marvel or DC project. At 63 years old, some viewers may feel his window of opportunity for roles is limited. However, Tom Cruise was recently cast in a Green Lantern film and actor Robert Downey Jr. has played Iron Man into his 50s.

In addition, a recent Heroic Hollywood article notes that "Black Panther" made him cry. The reason for that is that Denzel felt he was passing the baton in terms of successful roles involving black actors.

Back in 2013, there were rumors that Warner Bros.

was looking at Denzel Washington to play Superman nemesis Lex Luthor. There was also a rumor back then that Denzel might portray John Stewart aka "Green Lantern" in the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" film. Washington was not involved in either film and told Screenrant previously that he'd "never heard that" information before. Recently, reality television star Kaitlyn Jenner said she'd love to play a superhero villain. One has to wonder if she and Denzel would cross paths in a future film.

There are plenty of Marvel and DC comic book fans that would love to see the award-winning actor take on a role from either universe. Based on some of the star-studded casts that have arrived for major superhero films over the years, it seems there's still a possibility and that Denzel is ready when they call.