The latest updates for "The Flash" Season 5 reveal new details about Killer Frost and the next main villain Cicada. Cast member Danielle Panabaker talks about Caitlin Snow's journey to bring back her powers during her interview with Cinemablend. Caitlin has been a long-standing member of Team Flash as both medical doctor and her icy alter-ego, Killer Frost.

As for Cicada, Express UK reported that he will fight the Scarlet Speedster and his anger towards metahumans will be explored within the show. The fifth season will focus on Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen's daughter, Nora, who seeks their help to go back home to the future after she did something wrong in the present timeline.

Caitlin to bring back Killer Frost

According to Cinemablend, Danielle Panabaker stated that Caitlin Snow's arc will revolve around getting her powers back and how she became Killer Frost in the first place after the events of season 4.

"Well she's gone right now, so I think the first thing is for Caitlin to find her and understand more about how she came to be, Panabaker told Cinemablend. "And if she can get her back. . . . I think what was revealed was that Killer Frost has been a part of Caitlin for longer than just when the particle accelerator exploded."

Killer Frost made her debut in season 2 as the Earth-2 version of Caitlin who joined Zoom's metahuman army. The Earth-1 Caitlin then became Killer Frost after Barry changed the timeline in season 3.

However, it was revealed that Caitlin first manifested her powers when she was a child and it had something to do with her father's experiments and questionable death.

The ice-powered metahuman became an ally of Team Flash and she is treated as a separate entity to differentiate herself from Caitlin.

Cicada hates metahumans

According to Express UK, Cicada is described as an everyday blue-collar guy whose family has been torn apart by the emergence of metahumans in Central City.

His main goal right now is to eradicate every single metahuman in the city including The Flash.

Cicada has the ability to disable the powers of every meta he encounters and he will have like-minded followers to help him purge them. "American Pie" star Chris Klein has been cast to play the villain in the show. His presence has something to do with Nora's mistake in the present timeline.

Aside from Nora and Cicada, Tom Cavanagh announced at San Diego Comic-Con a new Harrison Wells in the show named Sherloque Wells. The new Wells is described as shady and untrustworthy.