Leah Messer who stars in "Teen Mom 2" has finally found that special someone. Leah is dating Jason Jordan who is quite a bit older than her. Exclusive photos of the couple were shot when they were strolling hand in hand on the shores of Florida, and were published by US Weekly. Their romance was blooming with smiles all over their faces. They are now seen more often publicly and their relationship is said to be a serious affair rather than a fling. According to US Weekly, they met through a common friend who apparently is the cousin of Jason. Fireworks apparently sparked off instantly.

"He reportedly played basketball in college and then actually made a career out of this sport via some organization called Hoops Vision from 2001-2002," reports The Hollywood Gossip.

Leah Messer and Jason Jordan relationship

The couple shares the same ideologies on faith and were also seen going to church together. Although Jason is older than her, they have lots of common thoughts and beliefs that make them on the same wavelength. Their interest in cooking and hiking also has brought them closer. Messer has her twin daughters named Ali and Aleeah from her ex-husband Corey Simms and a 5-year-old daughter Adalynn from her union with ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. There was some speculation making the rounds that they would get back together, Certainly, Calvert was keen, as was seen in the current season 8.

Their on and off relationship may end now on the popular show, "Teen Mom 2." Messer was a bit nervous to introduce her kids to Jason because of her apparent breakup with Jeremy. But her kids adore him like the way she adores Jason’s two-year-old.

Who is Jason

Jordan is well recognized and proficient in his field of work "within the world of medical sales," according to Hollywood Gossip.

He lives in a city not far from Messer’s home in West Virginia where she stays with her three kids. Jordan has even gone to the lengths of creating special dates for Leah according to her preferences. That, indeed, is a sweet gesture and could be done only for that special someone.

Jason is doing everything within his ability to ensure his love encompasses the family.

So one day, when the girls get beautiful flowers another day there is a romantic note in Leah’s car to gratify her. He is very as considerate as a girl dreams her partner to be. They are thoroughly enjoying this phase of togetherness and getting to know each other more. The Ashley broadcast the news that Leah is dating someone. Meanwhile, according to The Hollywood Gossip, "Leah contemplated getting back together with her ex-husband earlier this year." Stay tuned for more "Teen Mom" news and updates.