Joss Whedon's "Firefly" developed a cult following with viewers after just one season on television. Now, fans of the show will get a new series, in comic book form. It was announced that there will be a "Firefly" comic book series released by Boom! Studios. The comic book publisher currently has other titles including a WWE professional wrestling series of comics and "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." Now they'll add the popular Whedon series to their catalog of titles.

'Firefly' TV series dismissed early

Whedon's "Firefly" show originally arrived on television back in 2002.

The American space/western/drama series featured Nathan Fillon in the lead role as Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds who was the captain of the ship "Serenity." Gina Torres played the second-in-command on the ship, Zoe, with Alan Tudyk starring as Hoban who was her husband and Serenity's pilot. There were plenty of other characters including Inara Serra, Jayne Cobb, and Dr. Simon Tam.

Unfortunately for faithful viewers of "Firefly," the show went just one season on Fox with 14 episodes. A campaign emerged during the season and continued after the cancelation to try to keep the "Firefly" TV series going. They attempted to get it on another network, but that failed.

A "Firefly" movie was created in 2005 called "Serenity." Now, the good news is that those cult followers wanting more can get that in the form of a comic book.

Boom! Studios acquired the rights to make the series which delves into the pasts of Mal, Zoe, and others.

'Firefly' comic book details

According to EW, Comic Book, and other sources, the new "Firefly" series of comics will expand upon the mythos the show is based on. It will mainly delve into an exploration of the "Unification War," which is the major event that led to the setting for the TV show's season.

That will give loyal fans some insight into the background of the TV series.

According to EW, Joss Whedon said the comic will help tell the story of Mal and Zoe's meeting and missions during that war. It will help give a clearer picture of what they experienced leading up to the events in the television series.

The masterminds behind the new comic book series will be writer Greg Pak and artist Dan McDaid.

Pak is well-known for a number of his works, including the "Planet Hulk" comics that helped inspire the "Thor: Ragnarok" movie from Marvel. Pak has written for a number of other comics, including Marvel's "X-Men," "Iron Man," DC's "Teen Titans," and Action Comics titles.

This isn't the first comic book series the series has spawned. Previously, there was the 2005 three-issue series, "Serenity: Those Left Behind," and 2010's "The Shepherd's Tale." The latter of those was another background story, as it looked at Shepherd Derrial Book's history.

The new Boom! Studios "Firefly" comic book series is set to arrive in November of this year.