After months of anticipation, United States President Donald Trump finally met Queen Elizabeth II on July 13. However, before the official meeting, many anti-Trump protesters expected that it wouldn't turn out well, and some people concluded that they were right after the POTUS allegedly broke some royal protocols, including walking past the Queen. Interestingly, a report from Hollywood Life claimed that the British monarch was already expecting that the U.S. Chief Executive would make some mistakes. But did the President really insult the Queen?

In some respects, it looks like he was baffled and a bit confused but in other areas, he did not apparently break protocol.

Donald Trump's alleged faux pas

Donald Trump, and his wife, Melania, met the Queen at the Windsor Palace, but the president's slight mistakes during the official meeting didn't go unnoticed. He didn't bow upon meeting the monarch, but shook her hand instead. When they sauntered the grounds of Windsor Castle and checked the assembled troops, many people also noticed that the U.S. leader walked ahead of Queen Elizabeth. He was also late by more than ten minutes, which may not be his fault, but it is well-known that the British monarch is a bit of a stickler for people being on time.

According to a claim by Hollywood Life, an unnamed insider close to the royal family said that the royal palace feels that the president's deeds, which many people considered a faux pas, were “terrible and inexcusable.” The insider added that Donald Trump simply failed to follow royal protocol, and the world was watching.

It’s also possible the Queen would never want to meet the U.S. leader again, according to the alleged source.

The unidentified source allegedly told Hollywood Life, “After protests by the citizens of London against the president, combined with Trump’s rude behavior in front of the queen, it would not surprise anyone in the palace if this was the first and last time the queen will ever meet with Trump.”

Twitter reacts to Donald Trump’s royal mistakes

In Britain, anti-Trump protesters and others didn’t let the U.S.

president's gaffes towards Queen Elizabeth pass. People took to Twitter to express their disappointment and many of them, as expected, derided Donald Trump, even calling him “clueless, classless, thoughtless, lacking in any dignity and without a shred of respect.”

Many of those who had seen the footage were disgusted when the 92-year-old British Queen moved from one side to another behind Donald Trump, 72, as they traipsed the Windsor Castle grounds.

People also noticed that the U.S President turned his back on Queen Elizabeth for a few seconds, which people thought was extremely impolite.

Did Donald Trump really break all the royal protocols?

The official royal website says that men should carry out a “neck bow” when meeting the British monarch.

This “neck bow,” though, doesn’t necessarily require them to bow from the waist, but by doing a basic nod with their head downward. Women are also required to bow, but according to a royal expert, there are exceptions to this requirement.

Marlene Koenig, a royal expert, told that Americans don’t “curtsy or bow” to foreign monarchs, although Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did follow British tradition to the Queen as she is the Head of State of Canada. Thus, the British monarch is his Sovereign. Daily Mail noted that Queen would expect a handshake, (A light and brief one).

CNN reports that former U.S. President Barack Obama also did not bob to the Queen when he met her in 2011, although he referred to her as “Your Majesty.”

People also reacted to the president’s “walking steps ahead” of the Queen, where he actually looked a bit lost and baffled.

USA Today suggests that it is considered impolite to walk past her that way and even her husband, Prince Philip, 97, has made it a habit to walk a few strides behind her.

According to Business Insider, former royal butler Grant Harrold, also said that walking ahead of the Queen is a big no. However, Marlene Koenig suggested that Donald Trump's faux pas was unlikely to have been a deliberate attempt to break any protocol, but was more about his lack of "understanding of proper [British] etiquette."

The Queen has met many Monarchs from all over the world during her reign and many of them have faltered or mistakenly messed it up. Nelson Mandela, for example, addressed her as Elizabeth. Hollywood Life's claims about the Queen's possibilities of never meeting Donald Trump ever again could merely be rumors unless these are officially confirmed by any of the parties involved. Therefore, these claims could be taken with a grain of salt.