LaVar once said that his mission is to have all three of his kids play in the NBA with the ultimate goal of all of them being on the Lakers. His eldest son, Lonzo, was drafted by the Lakers with the second overall pick in the 2017 draft. His middle son, LiAngelo, is at the pro combine in Florida to showcase his skills in front of NBA scouts with hopes of getting drafted. Meanwhile, Denise and Zo go shopping for baby items which turns out to be a lot for the couple.

Professional insight

Last episode, LaVar invited four players from the JBA to stay at his house so he can train them for the upcoming season.

The boys are seen playing three-on-three with Melo and Gelo while their agent Harrison looks on.

Harrison watched them play three-on-three so he can tell the JBA players what they need to improve on so they can get their game to the next level. He told Niles that he needs to be the "floor general" and communicate more especially with his undersized height of 5'10. He also told him that he needs to learn how to run a team. He told Big Jelly that he needs to get into better shape by cutting down from his current weight of 290 pounds to 270-260 pounds. He told Greg that he needs to work on his defense.

Gelo's turn

As we know, his brother Lonzo is a professional Basketball player in the NBA. Now it's Gelo's turn to try and get into the NBA.

Gelo attended the pro combine in Bradenton, Florida at IMG Academy where NBA scouts come out to watch the participants. Scouts from the Thunder, Pistons and other NBA teams were seen at the combine.

Gelo said that his path to the NBA is different than Lonzo's because he played on a good college team and was heralded as a high prospect coming out of college.

Meanwhile, Gelo is coming from overseas where he played for a small town team in Lithuania. Despite the difference, Gelo thinks he has a good chance of getting drafted. He see's that people don't think he will and he doesn't understand why.

At the combine, he didn't do so well in drills. He got a standing vertical of 127 inches and was disqualified from defensive slides because he didn't touch the line.

He lost control of the ball while dribbling and got 12.36 seconds in agility testing which was slower than most participants. He didn't do well in the drills but he did do well when it came to three-on-three. During three-on-three, the lights went out which brought back Gelo to a childhood memory. He said that when he was a kid, he was called "Lights out" because he used to hit a lot of threes and eventually, the lights would go out in the gym he went to which made him thought that he shot the lights out.

After the combine, Gelo was seen talking to the media. He said that he thinks he did well at the combine and that his style of play would do well in the NBA. He said he would be able to knock down shots, at the NBA level, and that he would also be able to contribute defensively.

LaVar was also seen talking to the media and he said that he's confident that Gelo is going to get drafted despite people saying that his chances are slim.

After the combine, Gelo is seen at a wings restaurant with LaVar and his agent, Harrison. Gelo said that he met with scouts from the Thunder and Suns and that of all the players that were at the combine being interviewed by scouts, he was the only one that wore a suit. Gelo said that both interviews went well but though the interview with the Suns went better as the Suns representative seemed more interested.

Baby shopping

With Lonzo and Denise now having a child to take care of, they went out to go shopping for baby items. Denise says she has lots to get done for the baby as she needs to find a house for her, Lonzo and the baby to live in, plan a room for the baby, buy a car seat, buy and set up a crib as well as other things that are needed with the baby added to the fold.

Despite everything that needs to get done, Lonzo said that he's prepared for the baby where Denise said she's not as prepared as she is stressed with all the things that have to be done.

They went to a baby store and were given a list of everything they need to buy which contained tons of items. If it were up to Lonzo, he would have just bought a crib, diapers, a bottle, and a toy. At the baby store, Denise is seen doing most of the shopping herself whereas Lonzo just doesn't pay attention and wanders around.

Baby shower

With the baby on its way, a baby shower is thrown for the baby where friends and family come to celebrate baby Zoey, Denise, and Lonzo. Denise's parents are seen on the show, for the first time, taking pictures with Denise.

Denise's sister, Dayna, is also seen, on the show for the first time, when Noni goes over to meet her. When Noni sees her, she says that Dayna and Denise look alike.

With Izzy dating Gelo for the past little while, Denise has gotten to know Izzy quite well and the two have become close friends with her over the years. At the baby shower, Izzy and Gelo avoid each other as Gelo says that ever since he's come back from Lithuania, he and Izzy have been arguing.

Next episode

After all the "Ball in the Family" episodes on Facebook Watch, a preview is shown about what's going to be in the next episode. For episode 9, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, LaVar is seen wearing a head cap similar to the one that Melo has been wearing lately. LaVar and Tina are seen riding around in a golf cart and Gelo goes to his workout for the Lakers.