Ocean’s 8” has similarities with the movie “Ocean’s 11” because both are about heists that are meticulously planned and executed by a gang of individuals. Each member of the gang possesses specific talents that are necessary to carry out the task. However, the latest offering, “Oceans 8,” is women-centric with Sandra Bullock leading the team. She ropes in her accomplices to perform specific activities to ensure success.

CNN reports that the movie provides fun even though viewers could compare it to the earlier one that was dominated by the men and headed by Danny, portrayed by George Clooney.

The counterpart is Debbie who is George’s sister, played by Sandra Bullock.

The story of ‘Ocean’s 8’

Sandra Bullock (Debbie) was in prison for five years and decided to form her group “Ocean’s 8,” to lay hands on expensive jewels. She worked out the plan for the heist while still in jail and expected to bring in millions. She had to get together her team and tune each member to her frequency. The plan would require clockwork precision to guarantee success. She inducts Cate Blanchett who had been her partner. Cate will be her right-hand person and she discovers that there is some sort of revenge in the background.

The two of them recruit others like Rihanna (a hacker), Sarah Paulson (a fence), Mindy Kaling (an expert in jewels), Awkwafina (a pickpocket) and Helena Bonham Carter (a fashion designer).

The plan is to enter New York City's yearly Met Gala, outfit a pampered actress played by Anne Hathaway, and decamp with the jewelry. Anne takes advantage of this opportunity to show off her comedy chops.

‘Ocean’s 8’ is a different kettle of fish

Although Debbie, the mastermind of this heist is related to Danny, “Ocean’s 8” does not have any link to Danny’s exploits.

Sandra Bullock relies on her women power to pull off the heist. This women-centric movie is directed by a man who is none other than Gary Ross, The Hollywood Reporter noted. This version of the popular "Ocean’s" series was his idea and he not only directed it but also wrote it with Olivia Milch.

The film can be termed as light-hearted entertainment of a gang of women thieves and showcases fancy clothes and jewelry.

Debbie, the leader, is a hardened con-woman and chalked out the foolproof plan while in prison.

CBN News reports that “Ocean’s 8” has turned out to be one of the top 10 openings of the year. This is according to box-office tracker, Exhibitor Relations. It has gone on to add that this movie had a comparatively better debut than the earlier "Ocean's" editions that had an all-male cast and was made by Stephen Soderbergh.

Forbes adds that the movie stars Sandra Bullock and has earned a strong $41.5 million in its debut weekend. They said it "was an unsurprising success." It took $70 million to produce and the returns appear to be satisfactory. The success can be attributed to its strong star cast and the novelty of women in crime.