"Dr. Strange" actor Benedict Cumberbatch turned into a real-life superhero while traveling in an Uber vehicle. According to the Straits Times, the popular actor was taking an Uber ride when he passed by a delivery biker who was being attacked by four muggers on the streets of London.

Cumberbatch and his wife were heading to a London nightclub when he leaped into action. The delivery biker was making deliveries for the food delivery service Deliveroo. The muggers broke a bottle on the biker's head and started punching him.

Cumberbatch applauded by food delivery company

Deliveroo thanked Cumberbatch saying his actions were brave. The delivery company also said safety is their priority and any violence against their employees are unacceptable. London police confirmed the incident and said the cyclist was making a delivery when he was attacked and the police said the attackers were trying to steal the man's bike.

The Uber driver was identified as Manuel Dias.

Dias told British newspaper The Sun that Benedict was courageous, brave and selfless. The incident occurred on Marylebone High Street which is near the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes. Dias originally did not recognize Cumberbatch as his passenger. Dias worked with Cumberbatch pulling the muggers off the victim.

Cumberbatch went from fictional superhero to real-life superhero

Cumberbatch has become known for fighting crime on the small screen as the great Sherlock Holmes and most recently defending Earth on the big screen as Doctor Strange. Despite his heroics, Cumberbatch played down his heroics. According to Dias, Cumberbatch said he had to act.

Cumberbatch's spokeswoman did not comment on the incident. Uber recently thanked Cumberbatch for his actions. The muggers turned their focus onto Benedict but, he managed to thwart their attempts and they ran off. Dias said Cumberbatch pushed the muggers away.

Benedict Cumberbatch actions have gone viral

The story has been spreading all over Twitter, with people praising Benedict for his courageous act. Rose McGowan sent out a tweet applauding the driver and a get well soon to the employee. Others on Twitter poked fun at the muggers. One user said they should quit being a mugger after they were stopped by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Metro police reported that the incident took place in November. Police said that the cyclist did not require hospital treatment and that no arrests have been made. Benedict Cumberbatch has not spoken out publicly about the incident.