Fans now are clamoring for the return of “Sherlock” Season 5 after its previous season finale earlier this year. However, it is not yet revealed if the crime drama television series is going to be seen on screen again because of its stars’ busy schedule.

According to the Independent, the show’s showrunner Steven Moffat admitted that he will be surprised if the program will not be returning for a fifth chapter. Martin Freeman, who plays the role of Dr. Watson, said that no one knows how long the show will go on while benedict cumberbatch, who portrays Sherlock Holmes, confirmed he will “never say never.”

The reason of the fifth chapter’s delay

In an interview with Andrew Scott, who plays the role of the antagonist Moriarty, on “The One Show,” he said that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch’s busy schedules are the reason why the show will be delayed for quite awhile.

“I don’t think there’s another series of 'Sherlock' coming soon,” the 40-year-old Irish film actor said on the show.

He even joked that another general election would be happening first before fans can finally see “Sherlock” Season 5. The stage actor admitted that they won’t be doing the show’s fifth chapter for another couple of years. This is mainly because almost every one of them is quite busy and they want to keep everything fresh, so it will take a little longer than usual.

The making of a new chapter depends on its main stars

Moreover, aside from Andrew Scott, the show’s co-creator Mark Gatiss also talked about the possibility of “Sherlock” Season 5's return. In a separate interview with Radio Times, the 50-year-old actor revealed that they haven’t put a definitive ending on the show.

The screenwriter explained that they ended the television series in a place where they can leave it, but they can also continue. “It really just depends,” he said. This will still depend on the availability of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

To recall, since “Sherlock” started in 2010, the two actors have been busy with a lot of projects in Hollywood that usually delayed the show’s release every season.

But, in spite of the long wait, they still managed to come together and continue the television series’ story.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are both busy in their own respective projects with Marvel Cinematic Universe. The “Doctor Strange” actor is set to appear in “Avengers: Infinity War” while the “Fargo” star will be seen in “Black Panther.”