June is here and that means a string of new shows for Netflix. Netflix is releasing shows that will draw in fans of all genres from action to crime. This month one of the most anticipated shows is "Luke Cage." Fans have been waiting to see how he will recover from his work in "The Defenders." June is definitely a month to sit back and binge these new and popular shows.

1. 'Luke Cage' Season 2

The hero of Harlem is back for another battle against evil. Following his appearance on "The Defenders," Luke Cage is back defending his neighborhood, but this time he's facing off against Bushmaster, who is nearly as powerful as Luke Cage himself and is attempting to steal part of Harlem for himself.

2. 'Cooking on High'

This is definitely one of Netflix's most unique cooking shows in its catalog. This new original series is the very first cannabis cooking show and is very laid-back. The show features two chefs battling against each other to see who can come up with the best marijuana-based dishes for a panel of panel of celebrity judges, who are probably high during the show.

3. 'Glow' Season 2

The hit series of the summer in 2017 is back for a second season. "Glow" is a groundbreaking and deep take on the real-life 1980s wrestling. The show ignited deep conversations across the country. The real-life characters challenged the status quo and were breaking ground during their prime. The show stars Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie, as well as a list of favorite actors.

4. 'The Staircase'

Netflix continues to expand its library of in-depth crime documentaries which includes "Making A Murderer," and "Evil Genius." This latest addition takes a deep dive into the murder case involving author Michael Peterson, who was charged with killing his wife in 2001 under unusual circumstances. This new series will update recent events surrounding the case involving Peterson.

5. 'Sense8'

"Sense8" is a hit American science fiction tv series. The first season introduced viewers to a variety of characters from different parts of the world who suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked. The second season received mixed reviews and last year Netflix announced they canceled. Thanks to fans speaking up, Netflix decided to release a finale movie this month.

Netflix has not said specifically why they canceled the show but some speculated that it was not getting the right numbers when it came to viewership.

These are the top five shows being released this month (June) that are definitely worth watching.