Theatrical actress Nadine Marissa was born and raised in Texas. Interested in performing since a young age, she studied film and theater and went on to land roles on well-known programs such as “Better Call Saul” and “The Walking Dead,” among others. Now a married mother of one, Nadine recently discussed her career as an actress and her plans for impending roles via an exclusive interview.

Shows, characters, and acting opportunities

Meagan Meehan (MM): You are an actress who had been on stage and behind the camera, so which Acting medium do you enjoy most and why?

Nadine Marissa (NM): I know this is hard to believe, but I love them both. Thank goodness I don’t have to choose. The theater is intimate, and you are allowed to spend so much time creating your character and their journey. In front of the camera, you are not given as much time to your character or their journey. So, I would say like a parent with two kids; I love them both equally.

MM: You grew up in Texas, so what kinds of acting opportunities did your home state and childhood provide you?

NM: I grew up in Houston, and we have a pretty creative arts community; there were so many theater productions and summer camps that can influence a young artist. Later moving to Dallas; to be honest, I booked Better Caul Saul while living there.

MM: You have been in some pretty well-known shows, so how did you land those very special gigs?

NM: I am a firm believer in believing anything is possible with preparation. I try to stay prepared and ready for whatever may be requested from me as a performer. I went into each audition giving each character a voice I felt was real and honest.

MM: What kinds of characters have you played and what sort of role would you love to delve into in the future?

NM: I have played several characters in the past, but I would love to play a bad guy/girl. I feel it would be pretty fun diving into that kind of character’s background and what motivated them to live how they do.

Motherhood and career aspirations

MM: You're now a mother so how, if at all, has that influenced your acting and overall outlook on life?

NM: Oh YES, 100 percent. I have learned patience, and I continue to learn that lesson. I also think as a mother I learned that it is my responsibility to be a good teacher and set a good example. I try to teach my kid to go after his dreams, and if you really want something it may take a while, but consistency and dedication will always allow your gift to make way for you.

MM: What are your greatest aspirations for your career as an actress moving forward?

NM: To always do the best job I can, always be a true storyteller, and to always remember it is an honor to be the voice for anyone or any character and make sure to never take that for granted.

Always aspire to be the best version of you and not to emulate anyone. I would love to become so good at my job that I can earn an Oscar, Emmy or Golden Globe.

MM: So, Nadine, is there anything else that you would like to add?

NM: I want to thank all the fans of the show. I really appreciate their kindness and support they have shown towards Nabila of "The Walking Dead." It has been an honor and really fun to help bring her to life.