On "The Young and the Restless," Victor and Nikki recently shocked most of Genoa City by announcing they had an open marriage. Viewers knew that Mrs. Newman was sneaking around with Arturo but only found out Victor was seeing Helen when he was hospitalized. On Tuesday, Nikki bid farewell to her boy toy by announcing that her marriage has been made stronger because of the affair. He did not seem heartbroken and actually may be moving on to Abby. Viewers realize, however, that as soon as Nikki finds out what her spouse has done to her good friend Jack, the battle lines will be drawn and the couple will be pitted against each other once more.

Nikki declares her love for Victor

Nikki put space between herself and Arturo after J.T. put her husband in the hospital. On Tuesday she made the breakup official when her boy toy stopped by the ranch. She told him that she and Victor love each other and that it was time to end their affair. He agreed and on Wednesday was going all over Genoa City with Abby, helping her look for a missing Jack.

The Newmans are on their fifth marriage and have declared they are the love of each other's lives. This does not, however, stop Victor from keeping secrets from his wife. She has no idea that he was behind Jack finding out he is not a blood Abbot and when the truth comes out will be pretty angry. Based on her usual method of operation Nikki will probably declare she wants nothing more to do with her husband, in spite of loving him.

The open marriage is not the Newman style

The Newmans being involved in an open marriage seemed to come out of nowhere. They have had affairs in the past but have never taken it to this level. Viewers are glad this storyline is over because it just was too much of the Newman style. Nikki declared that adultery improved her marriage just seemed so out of character.

On Wednesday, Victoria walked up to her parents front door, saw her mom giving Arturo a kiss and was visibly shaken. Nikki explained the arrangement she has with Victor, insisted they are solid, and told Vickie she was kissing her lover goodbye.

Nikki, however, has no idea what her hubby has been up to or that her good friend Jack Abbot has just been involved in an auto accident.

When the dots are connected and Victor's role in recent events comes to light Mrs. Newman will see for herself if she is finally able to stand by her man no matter what. "The Young and the Restless" airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.