"The young and the restless" spoilers and news reveal that Tracey E. Bregman, who plays Lauren Baldwin on "Y&R" was hit by a one-two punch of heartbreak this week. The CBS soap actress shared on Instagram about her double tragedy along with a photo that seemed oddly out of step with her declaration of sadness.

Bregman and boyfriend break up

In her Instagram post, as you can see below, Tracey Bregman said that it "has been an interesting week of heartbreak and introspection" then added that "my relationship broke up." Most "Y&R" fans know that Tracey has been dating Brian Landow for years, but they've had some intense problems.

A year into their relationship, Landow and Bregman hit a rough patch. TMZ reported at the time that Landow took out a restraining order against Tracey's then 19-year-old son Landon accusing him of "hatching a plot straight out of a soap script." Reportedly, Bregman and Landow had cracked down on her son's partying and he rebelled.

Brian Landow said her son pulled a gun on him more than once, threatened to kill him, hid panties in his car to make it look like he was cheating, and even (allegedly) dumping cocaine into his coffee. Perhaps that acrimony was part of what led them to split this week. Either way, they had a good run of about three years but now it's over and Bregman is crushed.

Bregman loses precious mini-horse

As if losing her man wasn't bad enough, "Young and the Restless" spoilers reveal that Tracey also lost a precious animal this week. Bregman said in her IG post that her little horse, named Butter, passed away a few days after she and Landow split. Bregman said her mini-horse never recovered physically after suffering a miscarriage a short time ago.

What was strange about the "Y&R" actress' social media sharing was the photo that went along with her reveal that she'd lost her boyfriend and horse in the same week. It's understandable that Bregman wouldn't share a photo of her ex-boyfriend, but why not one of her precious horse Butter? Instead, Tracey E. Bregman put her assets on full display.

She shared the sad news alongside a very alluring photo with her bare legs in heels and ample cleavage on display. She's squatting on a short stool in the photo and in mile-high heels. It seems a strange photo to share with sad news, but perhaps it was meant to reflect the introspection she mentioned in the text in her Instagram post.

This is sad news for the 54-year-old newly-single actress, but at least Bregman has her "Y&R" co-stars to comfort her. Check back often for more "The Young and the Restless" spoilers.