According to Elle magazine, Kylie Jenner planned the first major holiday for the family to Turks and Caicos to celebrate Travis Scott's 26th birthday, as well as baby Stormi's three-month birthday. Travis turned 26 on Monday, April 30, while Stormi turned three months old on Wednesday, May 2. Kylie Jenner has been keeping fans updated with photographs of their vacation via Instagram and Facebook.

Kylie Jenner struggles with baby Stormi

In February, Kylie Jenner was having trouble taking care of baby Stormi. According to Radar Online, Travis Scott was accused of not supporting Kylie, while she was stressed.

However, Travis did cancel his pre-Super Bowl show to be with Kylie while baby Stormi was being born, but he has not spent enough time with them since. However, it seems that the couple is getting along well. It was reported by People Babies that Travis did eventually move in with Jenner, and has been a great help. Kylie and Travis have been spending more time together, and with their baby. Parenting is hard, and even dedicated parents need a holiday. Perhaps, this is why Kylie planned a much-needed family time vacation. Even so, by the looks of the photographs, the family is having a wonderful time together on holiday.

Vacation time

The photographs on Instagram and Facebook show Kylie, Travis, and Stormi having a relaxing vacation.

Kylie first posted photographs of their vacation on May 2, in Turks and Caicos. The photograph is of Kylie and Travis tanning on top of a boat. Other photographs of the same day include Kylie and Travis walking on the beach, Kylie sitting on the beach, and a picture of baby Stormi as seen in the Facebook post below.

On May 3, Kylie posted a beautiful photograph of herself standing in front of a sunset on the beach.

Just recently, on May 4, Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram, two photographs of herself on a paddle boat, with the sun shining in the background. One photograph, with over two million likes already, is shown below. There have been no recent photographs of Travis or baby Stormi, but we assume they are there behind the camera.

Hopefully, the family is having a relaxing time together.

Getting away from their busy lives to spend time together will hopefully strengthen their relationship. According to Radar Online, there are rumors of Kylie and Travis having a second child. It may be too soon for Kylie to be pregnant again, for she just had Stormi three months ago. It would be smart for them not to rush into having another baby right away, considering the struggles Kylie had. However, as long as they are strengthening their relationship, and dedicating themselves to parenthood, then a second child may be in their future.