I previously wrote an article on my own blog about Harvey Weinstein being accused of sexual misconduct, in which, I described the situation as the tip of the iceberg for Hollywood. With the fall of Weinstein, Directors James Toback, Brett Ratner, and actors Dustin Hoffman and the continuing saga of Kevin Spacey's alleged desire for young boys, the iceberg is now in full meltdown.

Kevin Spacey's alleged record of accusations is piling up

It seems that since my own encounter with Kevin Spacey in 1996 at an Apollo 13 after-party, albeit, at the age of 25, his record of seeking relationships with young men and boys under age is stacking up with numerous accusations pouring in.

The latest charge comes from a former anchor of WCVB, an ABC affiliate in Boston. Heather Unruh came forward on October 29th with statements that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted her 18-year-old son at a Nantucket bar in 2016. The expanse of ages in all the accusations towards Spacey shows a psychological indifference to his pattern of modus operandi.

The reports of sexual misconduct coming out of Hollywood are just getting started, and I imagine more charges will come out against more stars and powerhouses in the entertainment industry. Of course, Hollywood and entertainment are not the only businesses or industries that run rampant with this type of behavior. However, from my experiences of working in several areas of work, entertainment was the only one in which I also experienced the serial abusive use of position towards my own career.

Hollywood does have decent people at the top

It is not to go without saying that there are also plenty of good and decent people in Hollywood. Actors, directors, casting directors, and agents alike. So, I would not go as far as saying that someone cannot still make it in Hollywood by standing on the moral ground. An entertainer must be selective in who they choose to deal with and not let adverse situations get them down.

Just about anyone in Hollywood has probably run into some sort of sexual misconduct or abuse of power. It would not be a surprising result if a poll showed that to be true.

Following up on Kevin Spacey, we can most recently find him in Tom Odell's video "Here I Am," in which Kevin is eerily running up an endless set of stairs and facing doors closed in his face.

This was filmed before the accusations started coming out. One can never say that karma doesn't exist. The recent release of the video and the combined release of sexual misconduct reports will certainly end this once golden star's career. Sure, we may see him ten years from now in small bit roles, but the chance of him ever landing a multi-million dollar role has probably become null and void.

It is very unfortunate that these stories are smearing Hollywood's image. It is not exactly new news either. The mountain of evidence is stacking up, though, and the elite are feeling empowered to speak. This could possibly mean a huge change in the way Hollywood works, and hopefully, guarantee our future stars a less embarrassing climb of their own to the top.