After almost a year-and-a-half-long hiatus "HBO's" hit show "Westworld" is back, and so are the confusing non-linear timelines.

Season 2 premiere "Journey Into Night" opens with what seems to be a flashback of Arnold and Dolores questioning the nature of her reality. Then we have the immediate aftermath of season 1 finale massacre with Bernard, Charlotte, and other guests trying to escape the host revolution. We also see Bernard in a third timeline, two weeks after Ford's retirement party massacre, with Delos forces lead by a Head of Operations, Karl Strand.

A fourth timeline, however, consists of Bernard's memories of what happened in the meantime. These will be further explored as the season progresses. But if all of this wasn't confusing enough, there was also another detail that might shed some new light on these timelines. So without further ado, let's get right into it.

Jeffrey Wright explains Bernard's timeline

In this week's interview with "Esquire," Jeffrey Wright, the actor who portraits Bernard/Arnold on the show, told how Bernard's memories are "stored in close proximity to what he perceives as the present."

What's important to note here is that Bernard is basically an unreliable narrator as he, as a host, remembers things differently than humans do.

To make things even more interesting, or confusing, we can't really trust Bernard's judgment in his interactions with people, either.

Before he was eventually able to re-fill his brain fluid, the computer told Bernard that one of the consequences of leaking brain fluid is Prosopagnosia that is the inability to recognize faces.

So who really knows if Bernard is actually interacting with Charlotte Hale or someone else entirely.

The clues from the first season

Wright also talked about how he discovered some clues while re-watching the pilot episode. "In fact, there's a scene, which I think may be the first scene that we shot for the pilot, that speaks to the overarching scene of Season Two," the actor recalls.

So which scene is it?

The fans over at the "Westword" subreddit have a few ideas. In the pilot scene, when Bernard is whispering something to Peter Abernathy's ear, he clearly has a scar (see the picture below.) Meaning that this scene actually took place after Bernard's shot in the head.

What's also interesting is that Bernard's scar appears to come and go throughout the Season 2 premiere. One Redditor points out that the scar is missing in the beach scenes, but present in the massacre aftermath timeline.

One shot from "Westworld" Season 2 trailer seems to give the most logical explanation.

Spoiler alert.

As you can see, there are in fact multiple Bernard clones. So not only are there multiple timelines, but there are multiple Bernards, as well, which makes things even more confusing than we initially thought.